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Disposable virtual credit card

What Is a Disposable Virtual Card? | Why You Need One?

Disposable virtual credit card

A disposable virtual credit card is a digital card that is created online for single use. It functions exactly like your regular credit card, but the only difference is that it has no physical existence. A virtual credit card has a 16-digit unique card number, expiry date, and card verification number (CVV), just like your usual credit cards. But comparatively, a virtual credit card is more secure for making payments, as the transactions are contactless.

To add further security for your personal card details using a disposable virtual card for expenses is another great option. A disposable card is not just useful for personal use but it helps extensively for corporate use as well.

For businesses that are frequently making purchases, sharing card details with employees is very common. But sharing details with a number of employees can raise numerous problems like accidental spending to a vendor twice or unethical spending. To avoid these mishaps, a disposable EnKash virtual credit card in India is an effective option.

What is Disposable Virtual Card?

A disposable virtual card is used for non-recurring online payments. It works just like a virtual card and can be used to make payments anywhere as long as the merchant accepts online card payments. With a disposable card, you can easily make payments without worrying about your details getting leaked or sold to fraudsters as the details get completely discarded with a virtual card API system.

EnKash API system is an integration that allows you to make payments anywhere without risking your details getting phished. The system immediately discards the details of your disposable card the moment you make a purchase. Then the API programming instantly generates a new set of card number and CVV for your disposable card.

This virtual card masks your personal information and adds an extra layer of security. As the card details completely disappear from the merchant's database within 24 to 48 hours, it is impossible for hackers to track down your personal bank account.

Also, once the transaction is made, the card details are no longer valid as a renewed set of details is generated immediately with the help of the virtual card API programming system, making disposable cards a go-to payment option for a one-time purchase.

If you are still on a fence about why you need a disposable card, here are a few reasons that might help you decide.

Reasons For Using Disposable Virtual Credit Cards For Business

Using a disposable virtual credit card for business has considerably reduced the cases of phishing. The card details get discarded once the payment is made with an API programming system, and a new set of card detail is generated immediately. This disposal of card details means you can not use one detail twice as the details are of no use.

For business, a one-time virtual card is of great use. With EnKash you can create unlimited virtual cards for your corporate use, for all your payables. This means with your virtual corporate card you can make payments to your vendors for any non-recurring transactions using your disposable card.

Having an unlimited disposable virtual card for employees hugely benefits corporates as it increases the level of security while making transactions. Furthermore, after every transaction, the details of your EnKash virtual corporate card get renewed; this enables you to keep track of all the transactions made by every employee and avoid accidental spending on their behalf.

Additionally, a virtual corporate card enables you to register and update all your transactions in one place. This essentially helps when your business is dealing with multiple vendors, keeping track of all your virtual payables can get difficult leading to delayed payments or accidentally paying twice. EnKash virtual card API system timely updates your virtual payables and receivables resulting in an efficient business process.

Also, it saves your corporation from treachery because it discards the card details once the payment is made, making it impossible for disloyal employees to use company money unethically.

Advantage Of Using Disposable Virtual Credit Card

Disposable virtual cards are suitable for making payments for non-recurring purchases. Its one-time-use feature makes disposable cards the safest option for cross-border transactions without the fear of your bank details getting hacked.

It is convenient to have a disposable virtual card as you only need to have the card details, which can be easily saved on your phone.

A disposable virtual card is easy to use, as it works exactly like a regular credit card. All you need is a card number, expiry date, and CVV while making payments.

Unlike other virtual cards, disposable virtual cards are single-time usage cards. This provides an additional layer of protection to the cardholders because as soon as a transaction is made, the EnKash virtual card API programming system discards your details and generates a renewed set of card number and CVV.

Disposable virtual cards are economical, as you do not have to carry them around while purchasing. Furthermore, you can easily store the card details on your smartphone and access them anytime.

A disposable virtual card enables users to make payments securely. Once a transaction is made, the details of a disposable virtual card can not be used again, which makes it a secure way of payment.

A disposable virtual card is an effective and safe option for both personal and corporate use. Also, you can use EnKash disposable virtual cards anywhere as long as the merchant accepts card payments for services rendered. Slowly disposable cards are making their way to every household given the fact that it's a highly secured and efficient mode of transaction. Where India is surely heading towards digitalization, virtual cards are a way to go for all your online purchases.

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What Is a Disposable Virtual Card? | Why You Need One?

Disposable virtual credit card

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