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Maximize productivity within your organization with a straightforward reimbursement system that helps you track, process, and sync data in real-time

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Manual procedures are time-consuming for everyone involved. Employees fill out paper forms, attach receipts, and submit to their managers for approval. Then, the finance team takes action.
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Leverage smart tools, such as OCR technology and approval matrices, to automate the reimbursement process and save time and money across the business.

Streamline your 

reimbursement process

with automated solutions

Automated Processes

A digitized end-to-end solution automates checking, approvals, invoice generation, and submission to ensure speed and accuracy

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OCR Technology

Automatically scan and collect details from receipts using OCR, eliminating the need for manual entry

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WhatsApp Integration

Seamless Whatsapp integration to approve/reject expenses at one go without logging into the dashboard

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Receive a policy deviation warning if an employee submits an expense outside set limits

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Real-time tracking

Track spends made on behalf of the business by employees in real-time

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Benefit from a complete overview of reimbursements and plan your business’ cash flow accordingly

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Learn how reimbursements can benefit your business and employees!

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Got Questions?

Don’t worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about reimbursements in detail

What are reimbursements?

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Reimbursements refer to the payment or compensation made to an employee for expenses incurred on behalf of the organization. For example, when an employee travels on behalf of their company and incurs expenses such as airfare, hotel accommodation, and meals, the employee can request reimbursement of expenses, and the organization is bound to pay that amount.

What is the need for automating reimbursements?

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Expense reimbursement requires a lot of manual work and attention to detail, which can increase the risk of errors. Automating the reimbursement process helps you save resources like time and money across the business, unburdens your finance team, and ensures that your business can meet essential deadlines without worrying about reimbursements.

How does automating the reimbursement process help me save time?

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Automating the reimbursement process reduces the time it takes to process and approve reimbursements. This means that employees do not have to spend as much time filling out paperwork, and managers do not have to spend as much time reviewing and approving expenses. This can free up time for employees and managers to focus on other tasks.

Will automated reimbursements help me reduce the risk of fraud?

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Absolutely! Automating the reimbursement process can increase transparency by providing a clear and consistent process for submitting and approving expenses. This can help prevent fraud and ensure that expenses are properly documented and accounted for.

Can automating the reimbursement process help with cost-saving?

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Definitely! Automating the reimbursement process can help save costs by reducing the need for manual processing and paper-based systems. This can help reduce printing and mailing costs and the cost of manually reviewing and processing expenses.

Is expense reimbursement part of the salary?

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Expense reimbursement is typically not considered part of an individual's salary. Salaries are fixed amounts paid regularly for the work performed, while expense reimbursement involves compensating employees for out-of-pocket expenses incurred while performing job-related tasks.

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Seeking further understanding of reimbursements?

In the context of a business or company, reimbursement is the process of paying back expenses employees or others have undertaken on behalf of the business. It can be as simple as paying the employee back for the business travel expenses he or she has incurred or paying back the amount spent on fuel for business purposes.

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How do I pay expense reimbursements?

To pay expense reimbursements, businesses can:

  1. Offer advance funds for expenses, replenishing when the employee submits paperwork
  2. Have employees pay out of pocket and reimburse approved amounts upon expense report submission
  3. Issue a business-specific credit card with set limits and designated purposes

Are there alternatives to expense reimbursements?

If you do not want to bother with the entire process of expense reimbursements, the best alternative is to issue virtual cards to employees for business expenses. And if you have a smart spend management platform like EnKash, you can control the limits, the type of usage, track the movement, and so on with a few clicks. This way, the employee can keep submitting the relevant documents once the expense has been paid off.

What expenses are reimbursable?

In most businesses, the expenses incurred for business purposes can be reimbursed. These generally include meals and entertainment, travel expenses, fuel charges, advertising expenses, business gift expenses, educational costs, employees’ meals, daily travel allowance if applicable, local commutes (taxis, etc), event-related expenses, etc.

What counts as employee business expenses?

Employee business expenses are those that an employee undertakes to further the business purposes. It could be anything from public relations, marketing, advertising, events, entertainment, travel, gifts or merchandise, displays, advertising, food, entertainment, etc., as long as they are for the business.

How to manage expense reimbursements?

The management of expense reimbursements starts with clearly understanding the budget allocations. Then comes the creation of a clearly defined policy that helps everyone understand how the process works, the limits for each expense, the process to get approvals, exceptions to the rule, and the documents required to process the reimbursements. Once policies are in place, educating your employees about the same is essential. Keeping the policies updated per the organization's changing needs is also crucial.

How to simplify your expense reimbursement process?

The best way to simplify your expense reimbursement process is to invest in a spend management platform that will help you at every step. Whether it is budgeting, controls, approvals, or reporting, all these aspects will be part of the platform.