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Make it easy for your modern business to track and reconcile all payments with the new-age and innovative virtual cards

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Safety Concerns



Payment Processing

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Physical cards are often at a high risk of getting lost or stolen.
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A virtual card is always available on your device, reducing its chances of getting lost or stolen.

Make way for virtual cards & enjoy

greater flexibility, convenience & safety



Virtual cards can help businesses save money by reducing processing costs, eliminating the need for physical cards or checks, and reducing the risk of fraud

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Streamline Operations

Virtual cards ensure that your financial operations are streamlined and spend less time tracking payments, getting approvals, and recordkeeping

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Enhanced Tracking

Offers detailed tracking capabilities, providing businesses with real-time insights into your spending to identify areas to save money

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Reduced Risk Of Fraud

It can be set up with spending limits and other controls, reducing the risk of unauthorized or fraudulent transactions. It helps protect your privacy by eliminating any risk associated with lost paperwork

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Customizable Cards

Virtual cards can be customized for different use cases like vendor payments, rental, GST, and even for other business-related expenses like digital marketing, travel and fuel cards, etc

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No Additional cost

Having a virtual card doesn’t come with an extra cost

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Vendor Relationships

Virtual cards enable your business to make payments quickly and securely, which improves relations with your vendors and helps you negotiate better deals

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Learn how virtual cards can revolutionize the way you work!

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Got Questions?

Don't worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about virtual cards in detail

What is a virtual card?

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A virtual card is available in a virtual format, not in a physical form. The use of virtual cards started with the need to enable safe and speedy online transactions. Unlike a physical card with the risk of being misplaced, lost, or stolen, virtual cards can be kept safe with password-protected access.

How does my business qualify for virtual cards?

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To get a virtual card for your business, you will need a business account with a platform like EnKash that offers this service. The requirements to qualify for virtual cards can vary depending on the provider, but generally, you will need to meet specific criteria, such as having a business bank account, verifying your business identity, having a good credit history, etc.

Do virtual cards enable POS transactions and ATM cash withdrawals?

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Virtual cards are primarily designed for online transactions and may not be suitable for in-person point-of-sale (POS) transactions or ATM cash withdrawals. However, some virtual card providers may offer a physical card linked to the virtual card account, which can be used for in-person transactions and cash withdrawals.

Will I get a dashboard to control the movement of virtual cards?

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With EnKash, you will get a dashboard to manage and control the movement of virtual cards. This dashboard gives you real-time visibility and control over your virtual card usage, allowing you to set spending limits, block or cancel cards, view transaction history, and manage user access.

How do I prevent fraud using virtual cards that my team uses?

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Virtual cards can help prevent fraud, offering high control and visibility over business expenses. You can do the same by setting spending limits, monitoring transaction history, etc. You can also block your card immediately in case of any misuse or fraud.

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Seeking further understanding of virtual cards?

Virtual cards are digital, secure tools for making online transactions. They are readily available via EnKash and are user-friendly, convenient, and customizable.

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What are the features of a virtual credit card?

Virtual cards are digital versions of traditional debit cards. Here are some of the features of virtual cards:

Easy accessibility:

You must register on EnKash to get your business virtual cards.

Multiple usages:

These virtual cards can be used for rental payments, tax payments, and other business-related expenses.

Convenience & Secure:

Virtual cards are a convenient and secure mode of payment.

Easy to block:

In case they are being misused, you can easily block these cards to avoid misuse.

No credit check:

Virtual card issuance doesn’t require a credit check.

What are the benefits of a virtual card?

Here are some benefits of a virtual card:


Virtual cards are secure as they require OTP for each online transaction.


These cards are easily accessible from mobile devices and website from any location.

Better control:

With these virtual cards, you can have better financial control by setting your spending limits.


Virtual cards are easy to use for online transactions because of their virtual nature.

Are virtual cards safe?

Virtual cards are safe for online transactions. These cards offer temporary numbers separate from your bank account numbers, keeping your information secure. With EnKash, you can always be assured of virtual cards' security and credibility.

How can I get a virtual card?

You can sign up on EnKash to get a virtual card for your business. After signing up, enter your required details and complete your KYC. The virtual card will be generated as soon as your verification is done. Create a PIN for its usage, transfer funds from your primary account to this virtual card, and use it freely for online purchases.

How to use a virtual card?

You can use a virtual card by following these easy steps:

  • Sign up on EnKash with your valid number or email address
  • Generate a virtual card number, CVV, and expiration date
  • Create a pin to keep it secure
  • Use your virtual card like a debit card
  • Manage your virtual card from the EnKash dashboard easily

Who can ideally use a virtual card?

Virtual cards are great for businesses to manage their employee expenses and spends. Businesses can allocate funds to each department head using a virtual card without getting involved in every business transaction directly. A virtual card brings transparency to the business as it is easily accessible and trackable. It also helps analyze areas where spends can be controlled.

Business owners can restrict virtual cards to manage expenses. They are safe for business-related transactions and can be accessed from anywhere while traveling for work. They can also be easily revoked in case of business fraud and misuse.