Extend Advance to Employees to Support Their Work Expenses


Manage Your Budgets

easy billing
Customize budgets
Enhance budget management with customized budgets based on your expense groups (departments, projects) and categories
easy onboarding
Track budget utilization
Track and compare actual expenses against budgeted amounts
virtual cards
Request project-wise advance
Request advances for specific projects or business requirements
zero interest
File advance claims
Provide claims for the expenditure done against advance amounts
Take control of your expenses and allocate funds efficiently with our intuitive Budget Management system
Secure immediate funds to cover essential expenses, ensuring uninterrupted operations and cash flow
Say goodbye to manual spreadsheets and complex financial calculations
Gain a comprehensive overview of your organization's financial health
Budgeting Controls
Start matching the timing of payments to that of revenue
Keep track of approvals, spends, and limits
Plan ahead to make funds available for relevant expenses
Budgeting under your complete control at all times!
Got Questions?

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