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Instant Settlements

Accelerate your 

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instant settlements

Get quick access to your funds immediately. Don’t wait for standard settlement cycles, get more control over your cash flow and the freedom to manage your business better

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Cash Flow


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Earlier, payments used to take 2-3 business days to settle in your account, hindering your cash flow.
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With EnKash’s instant payment settlement process, receive funds instantly after every successful transaction.

Fast-track your cash flow with

  seamless settlements

Customized Settlements

Empower yourself to decide when your customer payments should transfer into your bank account. With customized payment settlement process, you have full control to settle the needed amount within a few seconds

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Simplified Budgeting

Faster access to capital empowers you to make quicker decisions, invest in inventory, and seize strategic opportunities without delays

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Enhanced Relations

Pay vendors/suppliers faster, build stronger relationships, potentially secure better deals, and avoid late fees

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Super Fast Settlements

Instantly get your customer payments straight into your bank account every day with same-day settlements which are settled at T+O, for a quick and consistent cash flow experience

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Increased Efficiency

Eliminate the need to track settlement schedules and manage cash flow fluctuations, freeing up valuable time and resources for other business-critical tasks

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Got Questions?

Don't worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about instant settlements in detail

What is settlement in a payment gateway, and how does it benefit me?

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Settlement in a payment gateway refers to the process of transferring funds from the customer's account to the merchant's account after a successful transaction. When a customer makes a purchase using a payment gateway with instant settlement, the transaction is initially authorized, and then the funds are settled or transferred to the merchant's account, typically within a certain timeframe.

How do I get started with EnKash’s instant settlements?

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Visit the EnKash website or contact our customer support team to learn more about getting started with instant settlements.

Is there a minimum transaction amount for instant settlements?

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No, there is no minimum transaction amount for instant settlements.

Who can benefit from instant settlements?

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Any business that wants faster access to its cash flow can benefit from instant settlements. This includes businesses of all sizes, from freelancers and small businesses to large enterprises.

Is there a waiting period for settlements with EnKash?

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No, there is no waiting period. EnKash offers super-fast settlements, allowing you to receive your customer payments straight into your bank account every day.

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Seeking further understanding of instant settlements?

Instant settlement refers to the process of settling financial transactions immediately or in real-time. Instead of waiting for a certain period (like days or weeks) for funds to clear and settle between parties, instant settlement allows for the immediate transfer of funds.

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What are the benefits of real-time settlements?

Real-time settlements offer several advantages, including:

  • Improved cash flow management: Instant access to funds allows for better financial planning and the ability to seize opportunities promptly.
  • Enhanced flexibility: With funds available immediately, businesses can react swiftly to changing circumstances and make timely decisions.
  • Streamlined operations: Real-time settlements reduce administrative burdens associated with tracking and reconciling payments, leading to increased efficiency.
  • Better customer relations: Prompt settlement of transactions can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing a seamless payment experience.

What is the settlement schedule for same-day Settlements?

Same-day settlements with EnKash follow a T+0 schedule, meaning funds from transactions are transferred to your designated account on the same day the transaction occurs. This ensures quick and consistent cash flow, allowing you to access your earnings without delay.

How secure are instant settlements?

EnKash employs robust security measures and follows industry best practices to ensure the safety and security of your financial transactions.