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Manually following up with customers for payments can be tiresome and challenging, often leading to confusion.
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Automate the bulk collection process by integrating your existing system with EnKash.

Fast-track your business collection

 strategy with future-ready technology

Improved Experience

With bulk collection, your team can focus on improving customer experience rather than doing manual follow-ups and other mundane tasks

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Simplified Communication

The flow of data and information between all stakeholders becomes seamless, simpler, and faster

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Automated Process

Automate the collection process from end to end. Benefit from bulk reading of accounts, amounts due, and more

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Insights and Analytics

Plan ahead for any shortfalls in cash flow by analyzing previous data and identifying recurring patterns in slow collections

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Better Operations

Ease the pressure on your invoicing and collections team with automation and improved bulk invoicing with complete and updated details

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Learn how bulk collect can benefit your business and employees!

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Got Questions?

Don't worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about bulk collect in detail

How does bulk collect enhance efficiency and accuracy while saving time?

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Bulk collect automates payment collection from customers. This removes the need for manual follow-ups and errors, increasing efficiency and accuracy. The automation saves time and effort.

In what ways does bulk collect contribute to an improved customer experience?

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The process of automating bulk collection enables the team to focus on enhancing customer experience. The bulk collect feature provides timely reminders to customers, unburdening them from the hassle of last-minute payment.

How can bulk collect assist in managing and optimizing cash flow?

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Bulk collect's in-depth insights and analytics provide a deeper understanding of payment history and help identify recurring trends in slow collections. This enables you to proactively plan for any potential cash flow shortages, eventually helping you manage your finances better.

What operational improvements can businesses expect when using bulk collect for invoicing and collections?

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By automating and improving bulk invoicing with comprehensive and up-to-date details, the bulk collect feature of our platform reduces the workload on your invoicing and collections team. This saves time and minimizes the risk of errors and delays in the smart payment collection process, resulting in improved overall operational efficiency.

What is the process for collecting payments online effectively?

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The process of online bulk collection starts by integrating your existing ERP system with EnKash Olympus. This integration gives you access to an easy dashboard where all the customer details, including their outstanding amount, can be checked. You can also dig deep into customer insights and understand the gaps that are hindering the collection process. The online bulk collection dispatches invoices to customers and sends automatic timely reminders, ensuring customers pay their outstanding amount on time and keeping the cash flow in business steady.

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Seeking further understanding of bulk collect?

Bulk collect is an automation feature in EnKash Olympus that sends invoices to multiple customers in one click. This enables businesses to quickly follow up with the customer and keep a check on their business cash flow.

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How does bulk collect revolutionize payment collection for businesses and employees?

Bulk collect revolutionizes payment collection by automating the retrieval of account information and outstanding amounts in bulk, simplifying the process and enhancing efficiency. With bulk collect, you can streamline your payment collection tasks and make them more accurate while saving time and resources. The bulk collect feature in Olympus takes this further, offering multiple payment options, automated reminders, and comprehensive data management, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for businesses and their customers.

What is the essence of payment collections, and how does bulk collect contribute?

Payments are the lifeblood of any business, and with the bulk collect feature, it becomes a hassle-free endeavor. The essence of collecting payments is about ensuring that the process is not only efficient but also enhances the overall customer experience. With bulk collect, businesses can offer their customers a secure and user-friendly auto-collect experience. This feature takes care of the nitty-gritty details, such as automated reminders and streamlined data management, making the payment collection process convenient and reliable.

How does bulk collect enhance the payment collection process?

Bulk collect is pivotal in transforming how businesses manage their receivables. It is a central hub for collecting payments in bulk, streamlining operations, and improving cash flow management. The bulk collect feature goes beyond traditional methods by providing insights and analytics, allowing businesses to plan for cash flow fluctuations proactively. It enhances the role of payment collection by making it a seamless, accurate, and efficient process.

What are the limits of bulk collect?

Understanding the limits of bulk collect is essential for businesses. While the Olympus platform’s bulk collect feature offers numerous advantages, it's essential to know the limits specific to your business needs. These limits can vary depending on your payment collection requirements and the type of payments you are managing. However, rest assured that the feature is designed to accommodate a wide range of businesses, offering flexibility and scalability to meet your unique needs.

What is the process of bulk collect?

The bulk collection process is traditionally a complex and labor-intensive task involving manually tracking accounts, outstanding amounts, and relevant details. This manual approach often leads to time-consuming follow-ups and increases the likelihood of errors or inaccuracies in the payment collection. This process is streamlined and significantly improved with the Olympus Platform's innovative auto-collect feature. It automates the collection due in bulk, eliminating the need for manual interventions. This ensures the accuracy and completeness of data in each invoice. By integrating bulk collect into your payment collection operations, your business can save time, reduce the risk of errors, and enhance overall efficiency, ultimately leading to an accurate payment collection experience.

What are E-collect accounts?

E-collect accounts are a fundamental component of efficient payment collection, and the Olympus bulk collect feature takes them to the next level. E-collect accounts offer businesses a secure and streamlined way to receive payments online. Bulk collect makes the process even more straightforward, as it integrates seamlessly with E-collect accounts, providing enhanced automation, comprehensive data management, and improved customer experience. Businesses can rest assured that the bulk collect feature provides an all-encompassing solution for e-collection, saving time and effort while ensuring that payments are collected effectively and securely.