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Single payments take longer time to process since each transaction is processed separately.
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Multiple payments are processed much faster with a single click.


 bulk processing 


with EnKash solutions

Repeat Payments

Ensure that repeat payments that occur monthly, quarterly, or weekly happen as a matter of course. This way, your business can enjoy continued services and facilities with minimal manual dependencies

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Processing Time

Processing payments individually can be time-consuming and can cause delays. By using express pay, you can reduce payment processing time and improve cash flow

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Centralized System

By centralizing payment processing through a express pay system, you can have better visibility and control over processes to prevent errors

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Automate Reminders

Enable an automated reminder engine to keep track of all your outstanding business payments

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Checks and Approvals

Finance is all about timely payments with the right checks and approvals to ensure negligible misuse of funds. The process of express pay for your recurring payments ensures speed and efficiency

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Learn how express pay can revolutionize the way you work!

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Got Questions?

Don't worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about express pay in detail

What is express pay?

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Payments from a single account to multiple beneficiaries simultaneously define express pay. EnKash automates this process for businesses, allowing efficient, accurate payments to multiple vendors with a single click.

Why does a business need express pay?

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A few reasons why businesses should adopt express pay:

  • It’s error-free, helps save time and resources involved in making multiple payments manually

  • Express pay follow security layers for data encryption

  • There are fewer chances of payment failure and it supports different payment methods

  • Bulk payments in advance help to avoid penalties and get trade discounts

How can express pay improve business cash flow?

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Express pay can help businesses schedule monthly payments in advance and get trade discounts from their vendors and suppliers. This early payment can ensure businesses save expenses and have an easy monthly cash flow.

How can express pay help the finance team at work?

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Express pay helps the finance team reduce errors in individual payments, such as double payments or incorrect details. It also streamlines the payment process, minimizing the need for manual data entry.

How is a bulk list different from a bulk payment?

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A bulk list is a prerequisite list for bulk payment. It is a list of beneficiaries of the credit accounts that can be picked to pay from a single account. Bulk payment is the process of making payments to multiple beneficiaries with a single account simultaneously using the bulk list.

How to set recurring bulk payments?

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Businesses can set recurring bulk payments via the E-Nach mandate. These payments can be set with a credit or debit card. For now, EnKash provides easy recurring payments for utility bills with a virtual account.

What does the future hold for bulk payments?

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Bulk payments are increasingly popular due to technological advancements, providing convenience, accuracy, and dependability. The consistency introduced by bulk payments is expected to persist, with businesses readily accepting this innovative approach.

What are the challenges faced by bulk payment systems?

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There are certain challenges faced by bulk payment systems, which are:

  • Many systems are restricted to only one type of payment, like vendor payment

  • Not all bulk payment systems provide a customizable approval flow

  • Many bulk payment systems offer only limited payment instruments

EnKash addresses these challenges, offering a holistic platform which supports various types of business payments, including rental and utility payments. It also offers customizable workflows and flexible payment options.

What is a bulk faster payment?

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Bulk faster payment is making multiple payments from the same debit account simultaneously. As the name suggests, these payments are fast, as multiple accounts are credited simultaneously.

What is a bulk transfer?

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Bulk transfer is a process of making huge payments to more than one beneficiary in a single click. EnKash can make safe, fast, and easy bulk transfers to all your vendors.

How does bulk transfer work?

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Here's how bulk transfer operates:

  • Specify the type of bulk payment needed, such as vendor payments, rental, etc

  • Download the sample format, enter details, and upload it

  • Submit for approval in a maker-checker workflow

  • Select multiple invoices and initiate bulk payments using various payment methods

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Seeking further understanding of express pay?

A system that enables organizations or individuals to make payments to multiple beneficiaries at the same time is called bulk payment.

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Why is a bulk payment solution needed?

Our bulk payment solutions help businesses with the following advantages:

  • Faster and secure payments, made with encryption technology, ensuring data is secured
  • Automation eliminates manual error and helps in easier processing of larger transactions
  • Low payment failure rate as all accounts are validated before initiating the payments
  • Supports multiple modes of payment, including NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, UPI, debit cards, connected banking, and more

Different types of bulk payments

There are two types of bulk payments: Standard Domestic Bulk Payment and Bulk Inter Account Transfer (IAT).

Standard Domestic Bulk Payment

Standard Domestic Bulk Payment lets you make bulk payments to multiple beneficiaries from a single account. This bulk payment is further classified into two categories i.e., immediate bulk payments (IBULK) and next-day bulk payments (NBULK)

Bulk Inter Account Transfer (IAT)

This bulk payment type enables you to make payments to multiple credit accounts from a single debit account. You can also use IAT to make international payments.

What are the payment modes for express pay?

Bulk payment can be done through bank transfers, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, UPI, debit cards, connected banking, and more.

What is the future of bulk financial services?

Bulk payment is taking the lead in the B2B space. Businesses need to send and receive money in bulk on a daily basis. Products like EnKash Olympus make bulk payments easy, safe, convenient, and traceable. Integrating bulk payments with existing ERP systems reduces the workload for finance teams, making recurring payments efficient and saving time and resources for businesses.