graffeti iconOlympusTM, an EnKash** product, is a licensed online payment aggregator authorized by the RBI
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graffeti iconOlympus™, an EnKash** product, is a licensed online payment aggregator authorized by the RBI
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| Payables

Streamline all accounts payable 

on one platform

Pay vendors, utility bills, rental payments, taxes, and more using payment methods of your choice. With EnKash, cost reductions, optimized workflows, and timely payments come to your business naturally

Pay vendors, utility bills, rental payments, taxes, and more using payment methods of your choice. With EnKash, cost reductions, optimized workflows, and timely payments come to your business naturally

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How does it work?

Automate all your business-related payments after validating the receiver’s information
Automate all your business-related payments after validating the receiver’s information

Vendor Payments

Keep track of all your vendor bills, get automated updates about upcoming payments, and simplify bulk vendor payments with a single click

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Rental Payments

Maintain rental records, manage TDS benefits & pay rent for several locations, all on one platform

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Express Pay

Enable express pay and make payments to vendors, billers & more via payment modes of your choice

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Bill Payments

Easily manage recurring bills like utility, electricity, etc

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GST Payments

Ensure an audit-compliant and seamless GST payment process for timely remittance

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Streamline your accounts payable 

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The EnKash way is 

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Bulk Vendor


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Manual invoice processing and data entries are time-consuming, error-prone, and can result in delayed payments.
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enkash steps
Automate vendor onboarding, check incoming invoices, and get approvals to help reduce manual efforts and save time & money.

Faster Payments

Automating the payables process fastens it by eliminating manual intervention. It also reduces the chances of errors

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A centralized view of the business spend trends can be checked on the same dashboard

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Remote Operations

Teams from different locations can access and share files from anywhere and process payments easily

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Vendor Management

Easily upload vendor invoices, do vendor KYC and review vendor performance to manage them better

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Early payment discount

Set payment reminders and make vendor payments early to avail trade discount

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Streamlined Workflows

A streamlined approval process can significantly reduce processing time and minimize the risk of delayed payments

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Learn how accounts payable can revolutionize the way you work!

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A Guide to the Accounts Payable Process

Aug 18, 2023

Efficient cash flow management is the cornerstone of financial success for any business. One crucial aspect of this process is the effective management of accounts payable...

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Optimize Your Accounts Payable and Receivable with Automation

Sep 23, 2023

A successful business is dependent on a variety of factors. While most of those factors can be controlled from within the company itself, cash-flow remains the most pivotal...

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Why SMBs Need to Automate Accounts Payables and Receivables

Why SMBs Need to Automate Accounts Payables and Receivables

Sep 26, 2023

Businesses- big or small, need a steady account receivable and payable flow to function. A business’ bottom line may be green at the end of the quarter, but if the cash flow is not...

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Got Questions?

Don’t worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about accounts payable in detail

How can EnKash improve the efficiency of our accounts payable department?

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EnKash helps improve the efficiency of the accounts department at all levels, starting from an easy and thorough process from onboarding vendors to making payments to them at the end of each billing cycle. With EnKash, you can be sure that your vendor details are captured accurately, along with the details of the department requesting the goods or services. You can set hierarchies for approvals for quicker payment. Any disputes with vendors can also be raised if required.

What accounting systems does EnKash integrate with?

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EnKash integrates easily with platforms like Tally and enhances your existing banking and accounting experience. Our dedicated technical and customer support team will support you during the time of purchase to understand the integration requirements.

Does EnKash support automated invoice capture?

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Once an invoice has been uploaded and scanned using our advanced OCR technology, the EnKash platform will parse through the documents and capture the details in the invoice. The captured invoice information can be used to process the payables further as required.

How does the EnKash platform help you manage tax payments?

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GST, or Goods and Services Tax, is a consolidated tax that replaced many state-level, central-level and value-added taxes. For any business to continue functioning, it is crucial to pay GST on time and file the return. Moreover, the non-payment of GST can lead to penalties, causing further issues.

For the gst payment to go on time, there are various steps involved, which need to take place quickly and without any errors. The process starts by logging into the GST portal, checking the details of the tax amount due, and preparing and downloading a challan. Once the challan is ready, you need to internally get it checked and approved by the requisite authorities and make the payment. Once the payment is completed, it is a good idea to record the maker-checker-approval trail and the related documents.

How to manage bill payments with EnKash?

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The accounts payable workflow lets you upload and scan the bill or invoice received into the system to create a record against the payment to be made. After this, the approval process begins, depending on the department hierarchy, the criticality of the invoice, and the approval levels set in the system. Once approved, payment can be made using any preferred mode, and the transaction status can be viewed on the dashboard for future reference.

How does the EnKash payables solution enable complete transparency?

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With EnKash, we give total visibility into your spending with smarter controls so that you can make better business decisions. The process of payments starts with recognizing the source to which you make the payment. In this case, it could be a vendor, landlord, utility provider, or trader. Onboarding the vendor ensures that all the relevant departments in the business know who to approach if there are any quality issues or changes in the quantity and quality of supplies. You also have access to a dashboard to get insights on the type of spends that occur and where you can optimize the spends for maximum benefit to the business.

How can a business regulate payments?

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By setting up custom approval matrices during accounts payable automation, you can discover improved spend control and eliminate manual errors for timely payments. The platform helps in regulating payments while keeping in mind factors like control, timing, audit trail, and quality. You also get a complete overview of your accounts payable and receivable, which can help you manage your funds better and minimize the stress of arranging working capital.

How do automatic reminders work?

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Never miss a payment again with auto-fetch and timely reminders. Make on-time payments towards vendors, rent, taxes, and more every time. Most businesses follow a particular cycle and need to be paid at a particular time. EnKash ensures that you get a reminder of when your payments are due so that you can quickly get approvals and make payments to get on-time rebates and ensure continuity.

What is the meaning and use of approval flows?

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Approval workflows make managing and optimizing expenses easier. Set approval limits, create hierarchies, avoid delays, and reduce errors with set rules. Any business-related payment or the accounts payable cycle starts with approvals.

Approval flows are the backbone of sound financial management as they ensure accountability and help you face compliance issues. With accounts payable systems like EnKash, you can choose from various approval matrices and set the approval levels within the system. The idea is to balance spends without sacrificing timely payments or meeting statutory requirements like audit queries.

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Seeking further understanding of accounts payable?

Efficient and easy business payments

Accounts payable automation is the process by which a business pays its suppliers, service providers, and vendors online.

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What is accounts payable automation?

Accounts payable automation means using technology to make business payments, which include vendor payments, rental payments , bill payments, tax payments, and utility payments. Accounts payable automation helps make business payments easy and efficient.

What is accounts payable process?

The accounts payable process in most businesses starts with the request to source a vendor or supplier to provide either goods or services.

  • Vendor evaluation, assessment of landlords and service providers
  • Onboard vendors, add rental properties, register utility providers, and more
  • Start the process of obtaining goods and the start of services
  • Collect all the bills and invoices for payments due when the time for payment is due
  • Check if the invoices, bills, and rent amounts due are correct
  • Complete the payments to utilities, vendors, rentals, etc., after checks and approvals

What are the benefits of accounts payable automation?

The benefits of accounts payable automation include:

  • Reduced prices and on-time payment rebates due to long-term contracts and better negotiation
  • Better productivity of the finance team as accounts payable automation reduces the amount of mundane manual work
  • Streamlined spend and better audit preparation due to the approval matrices and checks in place
  • Increased ability to meet the needs of internal and external customers

What is an accounts payable invoice?

An accounts payable invoice is a bill raised for the goods or services your company has availed. In most instances, it is a continued service or purchase that occurs at regular intervals rather than a singular purchase. Accounts payable invoices are raised once the agreed-upon credit period agreed upon comes to an end, and the payment becomes due.

An ideal accounts payable invoice contains details like the name, address, and other details of the vendor or supplier. It also includes the order number or ID to ensure that you can trace it back to get the payment process started. The invoice also includes documents like goods received acknowledgment as proof of delivery completion.

The accounts payable invoice has details of any changes to the order in terms of quality and quantity. Once these details are covered, the invoice will state the rate agreed upon, the quantity delivered, and the total amount due. Details like service charges, GST, and other taxes can also be added.

The accounts payable invoice also includes details on how to make the payment, like the bank name, name of the bank account holder, bank account number, the IFSC code, and the various options to complete the payment. Businesses can use accounts payable invoice automation with a payment link to speed up the process of completing payment.

What is the invoice management process?

the invoice management process involves various steps. It starts with retrieving invoices from vendors, collecting bills from utility providers and rental dues, and then parsing the invoice or bills for details to confirm it is correct. After this, the invoice, bill, or payment request is sent to the department, which requests to confirm that the goods or services were received or services used as stated in the bill or invoice.

In case of any discrepancies, a request is made to change the amount due on the invoice. Once all the details are settled, a final check is made, a payment approval request is raised, and once approved, payment is made. After the payment, proof of payment and invoice is filed with the order reference numbers in place, along with the approval trail for future reference.

What is the relationship between cash flow and accounts payable?

  • Accounts payable relates to all the short-term payment obligations a business has, which results in the outflow of funds from a business, impacting the cash flow
  • Businesses can optimize their accounts payable rebates from vendors on purchases, which can positively impact the cash flow
  • The accounts payable process constitutes proper negotiation, and the ability to negotiate prices has a positive impact on cash flow
  • Businesses can establish credit terms in the accounts payable process, and this can help optimize their cash flow