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Fuel Cards

Empower your workforce

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Streamline employee fuel expenses, gain real-time visibility into fuel usage, and eliminate the hassles of traditional fuel reimbursement processes

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Previously, employees bore the burden of covering fuel expenses and navigating a cumbersome paper-based reimbursement system.
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With EnKash, fuel cards can be used across a vast network of fuel stations, eliminating the hassle of personal upfront costs and a long reimbursement process.

Efficiency, control, and savings

in every mile

with prepaid fuel cards



Establish daily and monthly payment limits to align with your budget and spend habits

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Wider Acceptance

Utilize your fuel card at a vast network of authorized fuel stations without incurring additional charges

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Receive real-time alerts, enhance security, and block the card instantly for any suspicious activity to ensure protection against misuse and fraud

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Smart Monitoring

Various supermarkets, food delivery apps, and other eating establishments widely accept meal cards

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Learn how Fuel Cards offer a host of benefits for your business and employees!

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Got Questions?

Don't worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about fuel cards in detail

What are fuel cards?

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Fuel cards are specialized payment cards designed exclusively for purchasing fuel. Fuel Cards by EnKash, for instance, are prepaid cards restricted to fuel-related expenses. Our fuel cards ensure employees using their vehicles for work-related travel can do so without financial constraints. This convenient solution eliminates the need to rely on personal funds and streamlines the process of managing travel expenses for businesses.

Why are fuel cards important for my business?

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Fuel cards play a crucial role in business operations. They enable employees to travel for work without relying on their funds. Moreover, fuel cards significantly reduce paperwork and enhance operational efficiency, especially in work-related transport and local travel. Fuel Cards offer an effective solution to manage fuel expenses, optimize budgets, and streamline administrative processes.

Does the fuel card module help improve the finance team’s performance? If yes, how?

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Fuel cards are a boon for finance teams. Instead of laboriously reviewing numerous fuel receipts, seeking approvals, and processing employee claims manually, EnKash offers a streamlined approach. With EnKash, you can issue cards to your employees for fuel expenses. They can effortlessly scan their receipts for approval, and the card balance can be topped off based on usage. Monitoring, blocking, unblocking, and usage restrictions become simple tasks.

Why should a business consider offering fuel cards to employees?

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Businesses should consider providing fuel cards to employees for several compelling reasons. Fuel Cards from EnKash eliminate reimbursement hassles by providing pre-loaded cards for company-funded fuel expenses when employees use their vehicles for business travel. This simplifies financial processes and enhances travel experiences, contributing to overall efficiency and resource savings for the finance team.

How do fuel cards cut down business frauds?

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Fuel cards effectively reduce business fraud risk. They can only be used to purchase fuel, and that too at authorized outlets, eliminating the possibility of misuse. Our fuel cards offer additional security measures, such as passcodes or OTPs, to prevent unauthorized usage. These measures ensure that fuel-related expenses are genuine and prevent any fraudulent activities.

Who is eligible to apply for a fuel card?

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Fuel cards are typically available to businesses and employees who engage in regular work-related travel and fuel expenses. Eligibility criteria may vary depending on the issuer, but they are generally accessible to entities seeking a streamlined approach to fuel management.

How can a company fuel card save money for businesses?

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Fuel cards by EnKash help businesses save money by optimizing fuel expenses. Through features like spending limits and usage restrictions, businesses can control and manage their fuel budgets effectively. Reducing administrative overhead and streamlining processes with fuel cards also translates into significant business cost savings.

Which businesses can use a company fuel card?

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Company fuel cards can benefit companies of all sizes and industries. Our fuel cards are versatile and can be customized to suit the specific needs of different businesses, whether large corporations or small startups.

Where can you use a company fuel card?

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Fuel cards are designed for authorized fuel outlets, ensuring employees can access fuel conveniently and securely. These cards give businesses control over where and how they spend on fuel, optimizing their expenses.

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Seeking further understanding of fuel cards?

Fuel cards simplify business fuel purchases, offering a streamlined and secure payment process. These cards optimize budgets, reduce administrative overhead, and enhance accountability, making them essential tools for organizations' efficient and cost-effective fuel management.

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How can I get fuel cards for my business?

EnKash streamlines the process of obtaining fuel cards for your business with a straightforward approach. Begin by signing up on EnKash and completing KYC; then, link your company's bank account and load the necessary funds for business expenses. Subsequently, issue fuel cards to employees preloaded with funds and notify them about card activation via SMS/email.

Are fuel cards good for small businesses?

Fuel cards are a valuable asset for small businesses. These cards simplify the often cumbersome reimbursement process, significantly reducing paperwork and administrative overhead. They offer cost-effective benefits, enabling businesses to optimize their fuel-related expenses efficiently. For small businesses seeking streamlined processes and cost savings, fuel cards like EnKash's are undoubtedly worth considering.

What risks are associated with fuel cards?

While fuel cards are designed to mitigate misuse through authorized outlets, there are inherent risks, particularly in unauthorized usage. Fuel cards by EnKash address this concern with robust security features like passcodes and OTPs, ensuring that only authorized individuals can use the cards. These security measures help prevent unauthorized usage and control fuel expenses.

Is it better to use a fuel or credit card for fuel expenses?

A dedicated fuel card, such as EnKash's offering, is generally a superior choice for managing fuel expenses. Fuel cards provide targeted control over fuel-related spending, efficient tracking of transactions, and cost-saving benefits that credit cards lack. They streamline the management of fuel expenses and offer a more cost-effective solution than traditional credit cards.