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The traditional way of vendor invoice management has been paper-based making it tedious and unmanageable, especially during reconciliation.
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EnKash enables you to automate all vendor payments reducing manual intervention and eventually simplifying reconciliation.

Manage vendor invoices

 with ease, efficiency, and accuracy

Seamless Tech Management

Businesses can easily integrate their existing ERPs like Tally, SAP, and Zoho with the invoice management platform at zero technical cost and negligible efforts

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Easy Handling & Transparency

The invoice management is simplified for everyone’s usage and understanding. Smooth interface and easy-to-understand flow with clear visibility and transparency for all the stakeholders

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Enterprises can digitize invoices right from their uploading to dispatching. This saves time and effort while reducing the workload

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End-to-end Visibility

All the details related to sales and payments can be viewed on a single dashboard, enabling better planning and strategizing for the business

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Tracking & Monitoring

With digital invoices, one can easily track and monitor details of each vendor payment making the process more efficient and advanced

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Learn how invoice management can revolutionize the way you work!

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Got Questions?

Don't worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about invoice management in detail

What is invoice management?

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A process that enables businesses to track and pay vendor invoices is invoice management. It involves receiving an invoice from the vendor, verifying it, paying the amount to the vendor, and recording the same for future reconciliation.

Why should I automate my invoicing process?

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Top reasons to automate invoice processing:

- No manual entry: Automated invoice management eliminates the need for manual entry into accounting systems

- Easy verification: Accounting softwares verifies vendors and approves and rejects them based on the information provided. This helps in removing fraudulent cases

- Access to information: The data on invoices can be easily viewed anytime and anywhere

- Customized workflows: Businesses can define and customize their workflows as per their needs

- Enhanced visibility: The visibility of invoice management is improved with real-time data availability for decision-making

- Better vendor relationship management: The automation of invoices gives payment notifications and alerts ensuring vendor payments are done on time; improving relationships

What is the importance of E-Invoicing in ensuring quick payments?

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The quicker processing of invoices with the automation software enables quicker payments. Businesses can make immediate payments for the invoices uploaded on the automation software. In fact, with EnKash bulk payments can also be made with a single click. These quick payments can also help avail early payment discounts enabling savings for the business.

Is it possible to generate an online bill?

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You can upload invoices on EnKash with a few simple steps. Add the necessary details about the vendor, post KYC, upload the invoice, and make the payment via the invoicing software.

How do automatic invoice processes work?

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  • When an invoice is received, it is uploaded and scanned via the automation software, and the data is extracted in the accounting system in the desired format automatically

  • As soon as the data is recorded into the digital database, the invoice is converted into a text-searchable document that is mapped by the system so that the data entered into the system can be actively tracked within the ERP system

  • The data stored includes the vendor’s name, purchase amount, details of the goods/services availed, etc., and provides a detailed account of the invoice, which can be shared with the concerned parties for review and payment approval

  • Vendor post-KYC is added and payment is done if data is validated

What are automated reminders in invoicing?

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Automated reminders or notifications can help businesses make payments to vendors before the due date. Some of the vendors provide trade discounts on early payments which can help businesses to save their costs and add to their cash flow.

Why are multiple payment options important in invoicing?

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Businesses can improve their cash flow by offering multiple payment options as this enables faster and efficient payment without any delay unlike in the case of traditional payment options like cheques. This also helps establish trust in the business.

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Seeking further understanding about invoice management?

Invoice management is the process in which businesses receive an invoice from a vendor from whom they have availed any goods or services, validate the legitimacy of the invoice, pay the vendor, and record the payment in their accounts for reconciliation.

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Why is invoice management important?

Invoice management is important:

  • To prevent delays and errors in paying for goods and services
  • To keep track of supplies and prevent wastage and delays
  • To help regulate inventory
  • As the data from invoice management can be used in planning and reviewing financial and performance data of the company; enabling better decision making
  • To ease tax documentation, audits, and taxation activities
  • To establish better vendor relationships

Does invoice management help prevent fraud?

The KYC for vendor verification is the most crucial part of EnKash’s invoice management. This ensures that there is no fraud and if GST, PAN, or bank account provided by the vendor are not verified, they are immediately rejected from the system.

Should I expect faster processing with invoice management software?

The invoice management softwares has a centralized platform where invoices can be automatically routed for approval, helping reduce the processing time. This workflow enables faster invoice processing, allowing timely payments to avoid penalties.