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A game-changing platform for channel incentive programs that helps businesses boost their channel partner engagement, loyalty, and revenue by automating and streamlining their process

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The traditional channel incentive programs involve manual tasks such as calculating incentives and sending physical cheques, leading to delays.
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Automated and streamlined channel incentive processes reduce manual work and ensure quicker reward delivery.

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Add multiple channel partners as individuals or bulk upload them all for easy incentive distribution

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Diverse Redemptions

Redeem from a diverse range of incentive options from 400+ brand vouchers like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc, across 25+ categories

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Non-Reloadable Cards

It comes preloaded with a specific monetary value, offering partners the flexibility to redeem their incentives across e-commerce or in-store shopping

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Automatic Alerts

Integrated platform to automatically inform users via SMS, WhatsApp, and e-mail about incentives and how to redeem points

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Real-Time Analytics

Quickly share vouchers, track redemption status, and create advanced expiry alerts to maximize user adoption

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Bulk UPI for Incentives

Transfer incentives directly, nationwide, and in a hassle-free way, empowering seamless incentives for all

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Got Questions?

Don’t worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about channel incentives in detail

How EnKash's channel incentive platform is different from others?

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EnKash is a new-age platform with a modern approach to channel incentives. Unlike traditional businesses that send physical gifts or organize parties to incentivize their partners, EnKash allows customization and flexibility for channel incentives. The platform helps break the redundancy of similar gifts to all partners. Instead, it allows partners to choose from a variety of options as per their personal preferences. This makes the whole activity of channel incentives more fruitful and satisfying.

What is a channel incentive program?

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Most companies have several channels like wholesalers, retailers, resellers, and others to increase the company's sales reach. A channel incentive program motivates them with an incremental reward system besides the basic remuneration they get per unit of sale. This means the more customers they bring in, the more they will become eligible for incentives.

How do incentive programs work?

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Each business designs the incentive program using its industry and competition. However, the basic structure of an incentive program offers a fixed payment for each unit and has a slab system, which, when achieved, adds to the basic remuneration. For example, if a channel partner gets 2% of the sales value as remuneration, crossing a slab (of, say, a sale of 100 units) will get them an additional incentive of 1%. When the channel partner crosses the next slab (of, say, a sale of 200 units), then an additional incentive of 2% will be offered. However, this may vary from company to company as per the policies.

What is the purpose of incentives?

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The basic purpose of incentives is to keep the channel partner motivated. In many instances, the channel partner may use the extra income they generate from incentives on promoting the products from their end to increase sales or even offer special rebates to increase customers. The overall purpose of incentives is to improve sales and reach of the product and the brand.

What are examples of channel incentive programs?

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Examples of channel incentive programs include incentives offered to channel partners for selling products in any business segment, such as financial products, retail products, and FMCG products.

The program starts with training the teams of the channel partners on the product, the unique selling points, product specifications, and the product's value to the customers. Each channel partner may also receive marketing display material, samples, demo materials, and more to sell effectively. Periodic training and updates are also given to educate the channel partner on product developments and usage.

What is an incentive reward?

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Generally, an incentive reward is a payment or remuneration that is over and above the basic payout given for the sales or subscriptions that channel partners complete. The incentive is usually decided on a slab system, which ensures that the higher the sales figures, the bigger the incentive paid to the channel partner, individual sales people, or both.

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Seeking further understanding of channel incentives?

Channel incentives is a reward program that incentivizes channel partners and their teams to increase sales or subscriptions. In most cases, a channel incentive is paid over and above the base remuneration paid on each sale or subscription completed by the channel partner. Channel incentives not only add monetary value but also a matter of pride. Channel partners covet the incentives and will use them to offer customers better service or increase their reach.

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Why use a channel incentive program?

Channel incentive programs will motivate channel partners to prioritize the sales of your products or services so that they can win additional rewards. Channel partners develop their discounts and offers for customers using the additional rewards they get from channel incentives to get more customers onboard. The channel partner may also set up an internal reward system for their salespeople to increase sales. Using a channel incentive program helps increase sales, build your brand, and increase awareness of your products or services.

What are the benefits of incentive schemes?

Incentive schemes offer a lot of benefits, which include the following:

  • Improved market reach
  • Building a brand within remote markets
  • Additional sales resources without adding directly to your overhead
  • Ability to serve your customers better due to the proximity of your channel partner to the market
  • Quicker turnaround on the post-sales processes

How do you plan an incentive program?

The starting point for planning an incentive program is to fully understand the product, the market, and potential customers. The next step is to discover how your peers and competitors in the market are structuring their incentive programs. The next step is to decide on the criteria you will use to reward your channel partners.

Businesses often offer incentives to channel partners and their salespeople directly. Define the slabs for channel partners and salespeople and other conditions they must fulfill to qualify for the rewards. Take the time to explain the incentive program clearly to the channel partners and the sales team, along with the payout timelines. You can also consider tying up with a platform that makes channel incentives easier and faster.

How to get channel incentive program insights?

As mentioned, connect with a smart platform like EnKash to manage your channel incentive program. This way, you will have a dashboard of the complete program, the due incentives, and the already paid incentives. You will get insights into which channel partners are doing well and which incentive program gives you the best results.