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Manually calling and following up with each customer for their outstanding payment is tedious and requires a lot of time.
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With EnKash, businesses can automate payment reminders to customers and save time for other productive work.

Automated reminder engine for

 efficient receivables & steady cash flow

Choice of Reminders

There are two types of reminders — invoice reminders and automatic reminders. While invoice reminders can be sent to specific customers by looking at their payment patterns and timeline. Automatic reminders can be set as and when the customer is onboarded

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Complete Visibility

Businesses can have an extensive view of the customer’s payment history to understand the payment behavior

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Embedded Links

Payment reminders are sent to the customer with embedded links making it easier for them to pay. This facilitates the cash flow of the business

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Enterprises have complete freedom to decide when to send the reminders and which channel to use to collect payments — email, SMS, or WhatsApp

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Multiple Reminders

With invoice reminders, businesses can select and dispatch multiple reminders using a single click at the same time. This helps save time and hassle of sending individual reminders

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Got Questions?

Don't worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about the reminder engine in detail

What is an automated payment reminder and how does it work?

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Businesses deal with many customers daily and it becomes impossible to manually follow up with each one of them to collect due payments from them. In such a case, automation comes into the picture which can be used to remind customers of the payment that is due to them. EnKash’s automated payment reminder enables businesses to remind their customers that the payment is yet to be made.

These payment reminders can be customized by businesses as per their requirements. They have to upload the invoice, feed in the dates on which the reminder needs to go along with the embedded payment link and decide on the channel via which they want to send the reminder to collect the payment.

How can I set up an automated payment reminder for my business?

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Businesses can use EnKash’s payment reminder to collect payments from their customers. For that register your business on the platform and choose between two types of payment reminders we provide - invoice reminders and automatic reminders.

Invoice reminders are those when you dig out the invoices from the dashboard against which payments are due and select them all at once or one after the other to send reminders to the customers.

Automated reminders on the other hand are created when a customer is onboarded. These reminders are set up very early in the customer journey. These reminders eliminate the need to manually follow up with the customer as they extract data and dispatch invoices automatically, reminding them of the due dates to make payment.

How do you schedule payment reminders with EnKash?

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  • Login to EnKash

  • Go to the collect payments tab

  • If the customer is new, define the journey by first registering

  • Following that, configure the reminder engine. This will automatically send reminders to the customer as per the defined timeline and channel selected

  • If the invoice is already in the system, select it and send a reminder to the customer from the dashboard

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Seeking further understanding of the reminder engine?

Reminder engines help businesses keep track of the payments to be received by the customer. Businesses can use these reminders to collect payments timely and facilitate their cash flow.

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How do payment reminders work?

Payment reminders are automated messages that help businesses collect payments from their customers timely. They facilitate easy payment collection and enable businesses to fulfill their demands related to cash flow and other business processes.

Can we set payment reminders before the due date?

Enterprises can define the reminders as per their convenience. They can set reminders for pre-payment and late payments

How to set up an automated payment reminder?

Define the reminder timeline, it could be before or after the due date. Certain businesses give early payment discounts which can be availed if reminders are received before the date of payment.

How do payment reminders facilitate cash flow in a business?

Payment reminders can facilitate cash flow in a business in the following ways:

Reducing late payments: Businesses can reduce late payments by reminding customers of their due payments and settling their outstanding amounts instantly.

Better customer relationship: Enterprises can establish better customer relationships with timely payments and understand their payment patterns better.

Improved accounts receivable: With payment reminders in place, accounts receivables of a business can be accessed and maintained efficiently with easy access to outstanding invoices and identification of the payments due.

Cash flow prediction: Businesses can predict their cash flow better and use it for the expansion of the processes with efficient decision-making.