Corporate Card With Multiple Variants - Pick As Per Need

Multi-Currency Forex Card
Don't shell out additional money in the name of foreign currency markup charges. With an EnKash Multi-currency card, pay only for usage and nothing more. Negate multiple currency conversion costs, in case of usage in foreign land.
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T&E Cards
No more cumbersome expense reporting for business travels. Get complete control and visibility by setting limits on expenses like food, lodging, local conveyance. Comes with a state-of-the-art expense reporting tool supported by the in-built approval matrix.
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EMI Cards
Convert large payments into easy EMI's. Pay your bills/vendors/purchases and convert it into EMI. Even get access to pre-approved offers with minimal documentation, and flexible repayment period (3 - 36 months).
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Ecomm Seller Cards
Get access to business-management tools and dashboards, which is not available even with the most personal credit cards. Create customized spend reports to simplify planning, manage budgeting and taxes. Get suitable and exclusive rewards from 1000s of EnKash partners.
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Meal Cards
Disburse tax-free meal amounts to the employees, with this simple, easy-to-use card. With flexible denomination, it can be used at all food and beverage merchant outlets including restaurants, sweet shops, etc.
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Fuel Cards
Get the power to disburse the fuel allowance without the need to manage the vendors. You can easily receive transaction data, define reimbursement policies and verify transactions for audit purposes.
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Payroll Cards
Get reloadable PAYROLL debit cards to pay salaries, bonuses, incentives, other compensations. It is absolutely safe, secure and gives employees immediate access to their pay, anytime and everywhere without the need of a bank account. With no hassle of maintaining a minimum balance.
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Gift Cards
Corporate Gift Card is to help you in convenient gifting for your employees (festivals, birthdays, commissions and rewards). Select exclusive categories / merchants on your card for a truly special gift for your employee. No hassles of selecting, resourcing and managing multiple gifting options.
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Give Freedom & Financial Productivity To Your Business
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easy onboarding
Quick Onboarding
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virtual cards
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Get Empowered With The Best & Smartest Card
Get Empowered With The Best & Smartest Card
Get Started ASAP, No Waitlist Get Started ASAP,
No Waitlist

Straightforward and simple onboarding process with 100% digital KYC. Kick-start with virtual cards available within minutes. Get physical cards within a few days

Complete Control And Management Complete Control
And Management

Get the power of a platform like never before - create & manage cards all by yourself. No lengthy paperwork & time consuming traditional processes. Set limits for team cards

Track & Reconcile Expenses Real-time Track & Reconcile Expenses Real-time

Smoothen the reconciliation process without waiting for card statements. The integrated platform allows you to view & download all your transaction reports end to end

A Unified Solution A Unified Solution

An in-built, all-intuitive spends management platform for complete end use spends monitoring and spends control. Empower your employees and finance teams

Unlimited Cards On The Fly Unlimited Cards On The Fly

Create virtual cards on the fly, use and throw after specific purposes. Control unwanted charges all by your own. No more worry of card numbers being stolen

Create Your Own Usage Policy Create Your Own Usage Policy

Add & remove funds, create real time, category or budget based restriction, activate and deactivate. Build an approval matrix for smoother transactions

Be Smart, Get The Smartest
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Frequently Asked Questions
With a 100% Digital e-KYC check and simple onboarding process, we can kick-start the onboarding with virtual cards within minutes. You no longer have to wait for a lengthy manual process of card issuance. EnKash makes it easy
With real time transactions details at individual transaction level and detailed transaction trails, the entire process is smoothened for efficient decision making. You can control & set visibility on all types of business expenses
EnKash provides multiple cards based on your requirement - Gift Cards, Multi-currency cards, Fuel Cards, T&E Cards, EMI Cards and many more! EnKash is the only platform which is covering the widest range of commercial cards
Yes, you can enable international payments & do it in multi-currencies. You can use the multi-currency card. The card provides additional savings on unnecessary foriegn exchange mark-up costs

Your data security is our priority