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Limited reward options, often restricted to cash or physical gifts.
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Diverse reward options, including personalized rewards, experiences, or benefits, enhancing employee satisfaction.

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 rewards and recognition platform

Program Administration

Manage and customize programs, define eligibility criteria, automate policy adherence, and track participation—all in one place

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Easy Allocation & Redemption

Effortlessly allocate rewards by bulk uploading employee data and sending automated alerts for awarded points and redemption via WhatsApp, email, and SMS

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Diverse Redemption

Redeem from 400+ brands like Myntra, Amazon, Zomato, and Nykaa across 20+ categories like entertainment, fashion, travel, etc

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HRMS Integration

Streamline user onboarding and reward allocation by seamlessly integrating with HRMS platforms, eliminating manual processes

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Open Voucher Function

Issue open vouchers on the dashboard & reward winners on the spot by sharing QR Codes via WhatsApp or email, integrated with their login codes. The recipient can redeem the reward by scanning the QR code received

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Realtime Updates

Stay informed about redemption and account actions on a single dashboard for better managing your R&R program

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Got Questions?

Don’t worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about employee rewards in detail

What are some examples of employee rewards & recognition in the workplace?

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Rewards and recognition can take various forms; this includes monetary incentives, such as bonuses, and non-monetary rewards, like extra time off, public praise, or certificates of achievement. EnKash's employee rewards platform offers a comprehensive and customized solution to facilitate employee rewards. With features like the ability to redeem from 400+ brands and an easy self-redemption platform for employees, it simplifies rewarding and recognizing employees effectively.

How can you show appreciation and reward your staff effectively?

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Effectively showing appreciation to your staff involves creating a culture of recognition. This can be achieved through timely recognition, personalized experiences, and user-friendly interfaces. With EnKash’s easy onboarding process, allocation of reward points, and automated alerts, you can seamlessly show appreciation and reward your staff, enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction.

What is the purpose of implementing rewards?

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The purpose of implementing rewards in an organization is to boost employee morale, productivity, and retention. EnKash’s employee rewards platform understands this purpose and simplifies the process. It offers a safe and secure platform for individual use, ensuring that the rewards contribute to employee well-being and job satisfaction. The ability to share vouchers easily and receive advance expiry alerts also maximizes employee adoption, aligning with the purpose of rewards.

What is considered the most effective recognition for employees?

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The most effective recognition for employees often involves choice and flexibility. EnKash's employee rewards platform excels by allowing employees to redeem rewards from over 400+ brands across 20+ categories. This extensive choice ensures that employees receive recognition in a form that is most meaningful to them, enhancing the effectiveness of the recognition process.

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Seeking further understanding of employee rewards?

Employee rewards in an organization are recognition and compensation strategies and benefits offered to employees to acknowledge and encourage their contributions, enhance job satisfaction, and drive motivation, ultimately fostering a positive workplace culture and employee retention.

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Why should mid-to-large company HR professionals choose a customized rewards and recognition program by EnKash?

Here are some of the reasons why HR of mid-size businesses should choose EnKash for their employee rewards and recognition program:


EnKash's R&R program is highly customizable, allowing HR professionals to tailor it to the specific needs and culture of their organization

Corporate Savings:

EnKash provides bulk order discounts to corporates on a wide variety of brand vouchers across categories, which makes it an excellent option to get maximum savings

Easy Integration:

EnKash easily integrates with HRMS platforms, simplifying the process of employee onboarding and reward allocation for the HR

Redemption Options:

EnKash offers a comprehensive catalog of 400+ brand vouchers like Myntra, Amazon, Zomato, Nykaa, etc., across 20+ categories like entertainment, fashion, travel, etc., that employees can choose from

Centralized Dashboard:

EnKash offers a centralized dashboard, streamlining the management and administration of the R&R program, making it more efficient for HR professionals to implement and maintain the programs at scale

Why is it essential to implement employee rewards and recognition?

Implementing rewards and recognition programs is crucial because they boost employee morale, productivity, and job satisfaction. With EnKash's employee rewards platform, safety and security are top priorities so employees can use them worry-free. The platform also facilitates easy sharing of vouchers and provides advance expiry alerts, ensuring employees maximize their rewards and remain engaged.