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UPI Payments

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UPI payments

Enable easy and secure business collections with real-time settlement for instant cash flow

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Recurring Collections

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The traditional way of making B2B collections involved cash and cheques often leading to cumbersome processes.
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UPI payments on the other hand offer a convenient way for B2B transactions as payments can be made instantly with virtual IDs.

Facilitate convenient B2B collections

 with UPI payments 


UPI transactions are usually free or with minimal charges. This leads to higher profit margins for your business.

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Virtual UPI ID

Businesses can create their UPI ID and accept B2B payments via the UPI payment gateway. The ID can be used to track and automate the reconciliation process with UPI payments.

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Ease of Use

UPI uses Virtual Payment Addresses or VPAs eliminating the need for lengthy bank account details. This establishes convenience as customers only need the merchant’s UPI ID to make payment.

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UPI AutoPay

Businesses following subscription models can collect payments with UPI AutoPay as it allows customers to enable automatic recurring payments.

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Real-Time Settlement

UPI transactions are settled in real-time implying the bank account receives the money instantly; thus improving business cash flow.

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Learn how UPI Payment will change the way you approach collections!

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Got Questions?

Don't worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about UPI Payments in detail

What is UPI and how does it work for B2B collections?

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UPI is a digital payment system that allows instant money transfers between bank accounts using a Virtual Payment Address (VPA). In B2B collections, businesses can share their UPI VPA with their clients to initiate instant payments for invoices or bills.

What are the benefits of UPI payments for business collections?

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UPI payments in B2B collections offer the following benefits:

  • Convenience: UPI enables a faster and easier way to accept payments via VPA helping simplify the process

  • Quick Settlements: UPI helps in real-time settlements which increases the inflow of cash for businesses and eliminates the waiting period associated with traditional methods like cheques

  • Transparency: Collections made via UPI can be checked digitally anytime. The data can be used for record-keeping and reconciliation.

  • Automation: UPI AutoPay can be used for with recurring payments

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Seeking further understanding of UPI payment?

UPI payments enable efficient and convenient business collections making it easier for them to manage their cash inflow and make better financial decisions.

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Q. How to use UPI for B2B collections?

  • Generate UPI VPA: Ensure your business bank account supports UPI. Generate a VPA through your bank's mobile app or website.
  • Share your VPA: Provide your VPA details to your customers via invoice, email, or any preferred communication channel.
  • Payment Initiates: Your customer can initiate the payment through their UPI app using your VPA and the invoice amount.
  • Receive instant notification: You will receive a notification on your UPI app upon payment completion.

Q. Is UPI widely used for B2B payments now?

UPI in B2B payments is currently used in a limited manner, however, businesses will soon adapt to it considering the benefits it offers.

Q. How safe is UPI to receive payments for my business, especially for B2B transactions?

  • Two-Factor Authentication: UPI transactions require a UPI PIN and a one-time password to complete a payment. This two-factor authentication provides a double layer of verification making it difficult for unauthorized access.
  • Real-time Verification: UPI transactions take place instantly prompting a notification confirming payment status. This eliminates the risk of delayed payment enabling quick reconciliation.
  • Transparency: UPI transactions provide details like the sender's name and UPI ID associated with each payment. This establishes transparency during the audit trail for B2B transactions.
  • Efficiency: Customers can pay using the business’s VPA eliminating the need for lengthy bank transfers. This saves time and reduces effort.