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Provide your employees with tax-free meal cards to purchase food and grocery-related items across multiple food chains, retail outlets, and supermarkets

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Paper-based coupons are challenging to manage and carry everywhere.
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Prepaid digital cards are preloaded with a particular amount and can be easily managed.

Meal cards from EnKash are

 hassle-free, widely accepted & trackable

Issue and


Meal cards are easy to issue with a specific limit towards food purchases and easier to refill

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Easy Management

In case of loss or misuse, it is easy to manage the card from the platform to restrict or block usage

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Track and Control

Due to the features that mimic debit cards, the meal card is easy to keep track of and control for the end user

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Wider Acceptance

Various supermarkets, food delivery apps, and other eating establishments widely accept meal cards

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Complete Overview

Meal cards offer a complete overview of what is spent and what remains in balance

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Learn how meal cards can benefit your business and employees!

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Got Questions?

Don't worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about meal cards in detail

What are meal cards?

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Meal cards are employer-provided prepaid cards that work similarly to debit cards. Employees can use these meal cards for food and grocery-related purchases across multiple retail outlets, convenience stores, food chains, and food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, Blinkit, etc.

Why meal cards are important for any business?

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Meal cards help boost employee satisfaction by providing tax benefits and streamlining food-related expenses. Instead of using their debit cards, employees can use their prepaid meal cards to make all grocery-related purchases. Providing a food card to employees also makes an attractive remuneration package, making them believe that the company is considerate towards them.

Does the meal card module help improve the finance team’s performance? If yes, how?

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Meal card is an effective replacement for paper-based food coupons. The easy management and tracking of meal cards help the finance/admin team to refill them instead of issuing monthly food coupons while tracking their balance. The finance team can easily activate, block, unblock, or deactivate the card in case of misuse.

Why should a startup consider offering meal cards to employees?

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Startups need to consider offering meal cards to employees for the following reasons:

  • They have a wider usage and can be used across shops and eateries

  • Refilling at regular intervals is a matter of a few clicks based on a list of employees

  • Onboarding new employees and offering them meal cards is easy

  • It is easy to track and control usage for the employees as well as the finance team

  • Meal cards motivate employees as they believe that the organization is considerate towards their food expenses

How meal cards reduce fraud instances in business?

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Meal cards function pretty much like debit cards but specifically for purchasing food, which means they are operated on a one-time or preset PIN. This means that even if the food card is misplaced and discovered by another person, it would be difficult to misuse. If reported lost, the finance team can easily block the card and restrict any fraud from occurring.

Are meal cards taxable?

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Meal cards are not taxable. However, if the amount spent on a meal exceeds the non-taxable limit of 2200 INR per month, then they are taxable as per Section 17(2)(viii) of the Income Tax Act.

How to claim meal allowance?

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Employee’s food allowance is a part of the remuneration. Meal allowance can be availed using tax-free meal cards. Employees can complete their KYC on the EnKash portal, activate their meal card, and use it monthly at their convenience and requirement.

How to implement meal cards in the workplace?

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In order to implement meal cards at the workplace, follow these easy steps:

  • Register on EnKash, your meal card provider

  • Define the value of the card according to your organization’s budget

  • Create a network of authorized food chains, apps, outlets where all card will be valid

  • Educate your employees about the KYC and usage of the meal card

  • Distribute the cards among your employees and encourage them to use it for food purchases and tax-redemption

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Seeking further understanding of meal cards?

Meal cards are prepaid cards provided by employers to enhance employees' morale. These cards are used for food-related purchases on various retail outlets or apps and help in tax redemption for employees.

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How do meal cards work?

Meal cards are often used to purchase food and groceries from a network of authorized restaurants, cafes, or food outlets. Here's how meal cards typically work:

  • Employers issue meal cards to their employees as a part of their remuneration package. These cards are preloaded with a specific amount of money
  • Employees will be informed via SMS/mail regarding their meal card activation after issuance
  • Employees must log in to the EnKash portal to do their KYC to activate their meal card
  • A request can be raised for a physical meal card as well
  • These cards can be used across multiple food retail outlets, food chains, and food delivery apps

What are the different types of meal cards?

There are three different types of meal cards:

  • Prepaid meal cards: These are generic meal cards that can be used at multiple restaurants, convenience stores, and food outlets. They allow employees to choose from various options
  • Employer-provided meal cards: Employers partner with specific restaurants or food providers to offer meal cards exclusively for their employees. These cards can only be used at specific locations
  • Restaurant-specific meal cards: Some companies issue meal cards to be used at in-house cafeterias or dining facilities. These cards can be used only inside the company's premises

What are the advantages of meal cards for employees?

Meal cards have many benefits for employees:

  • Tax Benefits: Meal cards are often exempt from income tax up to a specified limit, reducing the taxable income of employees
  • Convenience: Meal cards can easily replace debit cards for food-related purchases, eliminating the cash quotient
  • Freedom of choice: Meal cards give access to a network of approved restaurants, food chains, and retail outlets offering various food options
  • No more lunch stress: Employees can save time and effort spent preparing meals at home and order food at their workplace as per their preference
  • Food expense management: Employees can manage their food expenses with meal cards as they have preset limits
  • Food reimbursement not required: Employees don't have to complete the reimbursement process with meal cards
  • Easy management: Employees can easily manage their meal cards online and check their balance and expiration date

What are the benefits of meal cards for employers?

Meal cards can benefit employers in the following ways:

  • Employee Retention: Employers can increase employee retention by providing meal cards to employees and making their salary package more attractive
  • Increased Productivity: Employees with meal cards can focus more on work without worrying about lunch preparations and breaks
  • Easy Management: Employers can streamline the process of meal cards and reduce the hassle of food coupons and reimbursements
  • Competitive Edge: Employers with meal cards have the edge over other companies hiring, setting them apart in the market

What are the best practices when implementing meal cards in the workplace?

While implementing meal cards at the workplace, employees should keep the following things in mind:

  • Choose the right provider: Decide a reputable meal card provider with a user-friendly platform and a vast network of partnership across food restaurants, apps, and retail outlets
  • Efficient communication: Educate your employees about meal cards in detail including where and how to use them
  • Employee training: Conduct training sessions for employees to understand and use the meal card and acknowledge their doubts during these sessions
  • Feedback: Ensure collection of feedback from employees about their experience
  • Compliance management: Stay updated on local tax regulations and compliance requirements to ensure meal cards align with the tax implications to employees and the company’s finance department

What is meal allowance?

Meal allowance is the money the employer provides to employees to cover their meal costs. Meal allowance can be provided as prepaid cards, which can be used at food outlets, restaurants, convenience stores, and supermarkets. Employees can use these prepaid cards to cover their food expenses and save their taxes, as these cards are exempted from taxes up to a certain limit.