Streamline your organization's structure and manage your workforce effectively


Create Hierarchy | Manage Compliance

easy billing
Define custom roles
Assign specific permissions and access levels to each role, like employee, manager, finance admin, etc
easy onboarding
Organize your company's structure
Accurately reflect your company's organizational structure within the EnKash platform
virtual cards
Flexible employee grades
Tailor the employee grading system to align with your organization's unique needs
zero interest
Designation management
Easily assign and update employee designations based on their roles, responsibilities, and hierarchical position within your organization
Create a well-defined hierarchy with departments and sub-departments, enabling efficient management and improved coordination
Adapt and modify your organizational structure as your business grows, easily accommodating new departments and employee role.
Effortlessly navigate through the platform's features, make updates, and view the organizational structure at a glance
Assign appropriate grades to each employee, enabling you to implement customized policies and access controls based on their experience and role within the organization
Make Department-Level Expense Reporting Easy and Secure
Got Questions?

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