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Cash Flow Analytics

Assess your business’s

financial health with


flow analytics

Optimize working capital with real-time insights into cash inflows and outflows

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Operational Risks





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Businesses had no or limited visibility into their operations, performance, and consumer behavior without analytics.
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With EnKash’s cash flow analytics, businesses have complete transparency and visibility of their cash inflow and outflow. This ensures real-time information of their business health and improves decision-making.

Manage business operations and complete transactions with


Real-Time Monitoring

Analytics provide real-time data into cash inflow and outflow

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Businesses can utilize data from analytics to predict financial trends and upcoming expenses. This helps in better planning

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Enterprises can identify areas of improvement to better their working capital position

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It is easier for businesses to identify potential financial risks and make quick decisions to prevent them

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Cash flow analytics help ensure compliance with financial regulations. This facilitates timely financial reporting and reduces the risks of regulatory issues

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Got Questions?

Don't worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about cash flow analytics in detail

What is EnKash cash flow analytics?

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Cash flow analytics by EnKash help businesses understand their cash flows and gaps. It presents data in an easy-to-understand format. This facilitates businesses to forecast their future and make informed decisions.

How can a business benefit from EnKash’s cash flow analytics?

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Businesses can get real-time insights into daily transactions for smooth and efficient operations. It allows a business to know its present financial situation and forecast the future. The data can also be used to identify customer patterns for mindful decisions, reduce financial risks, and optimize cash flow. Companies can streamline their budgets and improve vendor relationships with data in hand.

Is it easy to use cash flow analytics?

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EnKash’s cash flow analytics is designed to be user-friendly which makes it easy for interpretation. Businesses can easily navigate through data and interpret it for effective decision-making and financial management.

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Seeking further understanding about cash flow analytics?

A cash flow analysis is the interpretation of the cash inflows and outflows of a business to determine a company's working capital.

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How does cash flow analytics help corporate business?

Cash flow analytics is crucial for corporate businesses as it provides real-time insights into financial inflows and outflows. By analyzing cash flow patterns, businesses can anticipate liquidity needs, optimize working capital, and make informed financial decisions. This enhances overall financial management, mitigates risks, and ensures the company's stability and growth.

What are some key metrics and indicators used in cash flow analytics?

Cash flow analytics has various key metrics and indicators like operating cash flow, net cash flow, working capital ratio, AR turnover, AP days, capital expenditure ratio, and cash reserve ratio.