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Data loss due to manual payment processing.
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Simple, smooth & hassle-free rental payments

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Quick and Easy Onboarding

Complete the onboarding with a few simple steps to ensure that rent payments go on time

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Automated Reminders

Enables automated reminders to track due dates, reduce late payments, and improve business cash flow

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Easy Payment Tracking

Track what’s paid, due, and pending on a single dashboard to improve visibility, control payment activity, and increase efficiency

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Centralized Approval

Easily pay rent online for all locations with a centralized approval process with all due checks and approvals

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Auto-Generated Records

The platform auto-generates monthly rental bills on specified dates as per rental agreements that you feed into the system

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Learn how rental payments can revolutionize the way you work!

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Got Questions?

Don't worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about rental payments in detail

What is rental payment?

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Rental payments are payments made by a tenant to a landlord or property owner for using a rental property, such as a company space, an apartment, or a house. The rental payment amount is typically agreed upon in a written lease agreement, a legally binding contract between the landlord and tenant.

What is the maximum amount that can be paid for rent with a credit card?

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The maximum amount that you can pay for rent using one credit card depends on the credit limit attached to the card.

How long does it take to make rent payments through a credit card?

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Once you have all the details (as mentioned above) in place, rental payments through a credit card are a matter of a few minutes post the approvals. It works exactly like other credit card payments. The only aspect that you need to ensure is that you have all the approvals in place to make quicker payments.

I had made a payment, but my transaction was put on hold, what to do now?

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When you make a payment where the transaction was put on hold, it is important to check if all the details are correct from your end. Are you using the right card? Did you enter the card number, validity date, and CVV number correctly? Did you enter the OTP correctly? Do you have the credit amount to make the required payment? Once you have checked these details, and they are correct, feel free to contact our customer care team to seek a resolution for your issue.

Can multiple credit cards be used for rental payments?

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Yes, you can use multiple credit cards to pay rent. However, there are a few factors you will need to check before proceeding. First of all, ensure that the credit cards you use have the credit limit required to make the payment. Next, ensure that the credit card can be used for rental payments. Lastly, ensure you have the correct approvals to pay rent using a credit card.

How secure are automated rental payments?

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Automated rental payment platforms like EnKash use advanced security measures to protect confidential information. This includes using encryption technology and complying with industry standards such as PCI-DSS. It's important to choose a reputable payment platform that prioritizes security.

Can rental payments be tracked, and payment histories viewed through online mode?

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EnKash provides a centralized view with our comprehensive dashboard to track payments and view payment histories.

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Seeking further understanding of rent payment software?

Rent payment software or platform is often a part of your overall business spend management platform and helps you manage and automate your business rental payments.

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Why should you pay rent using a credit card?

There are many reasons to pay rent using a credit card:

  • Using your credit card and getting a credit period to make rental payments helps manage your cash flow
  • It is easy to create records and set processes while using a card to make rental payments
  • It helps to pay rent using credit cards when you are facing a temporary funds crunch and helps in short-term working capital management

How to pay rent online with a credit card?

Here are a few one-time steps to set up the process:

  • Set up processes and workflows and upload records
  • Set maker-checker-approver matrices
  • Define centralized and decentralized processes
  • Include details like GST, TDS, and other factors applicable to your rental amounts

How to get rent receipts for online rent payments?

If you are using EnKash portal to make online rent payments, it is a matter of a few clicks to download the rental payment receipts. You will be intimated via email of your rental payment along with an attached receipt.

Why should businesses use automated rental payments?

Automated rental payments are a convenient and efficient way for businesses to collect payments. These can reduce the late payment charges and eliminate the need to pay cheques or cash each month manually. Additionally, automated rental payments help businesses save time and simplify accounting and record-keeping.