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Automate and streamline your invoicing process for recurring transactions, gain complete visibility of sales and payments, and create bulk invoices with embedded payment links

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When businesses generate paper-based or manual invoices, the process is lengthy, resource-intensive, and poses risks of errors or lost invoices.
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With EnKash, you can digitally upload your invoices, which are scanned using OCR technology. This helps save time and reduces the risk of human error.

Discover the

 ease of operations

 with digital invoices



Make the invoicing process easier by digitizing everything, from invoice upload to dispatch, and save countless work hours

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Complete Visibility

Get a holistic view of your business’s sales and payments to plan better and create optimized financial strategies

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Tracking & Monitoring

Digital invoices provide simplified tracking and monitoring, enabling easy identification of outstanding payments and optimized collections. EnKash’s enhanced reporting capabilities allow for in-depth financial analysis, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions

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Upload bulk invoices with all necessary details of regular purchases to save time and employee bandwidth in just a few clicks

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Payment Options

Embed a payment link in your invoices and enable multiple payment options for added customer convenience

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Learn how digital invoicing can revolutionize the way you work!

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Got Questions?

Don't worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about invoices in detail

Why opt for automated invoicing?

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Opting for Olympus's automated invoicing has many benefits. It reduces the time and cost associated with manual invoicing, enhances accuracy, and ensures prompt payments. Moreover, it eliminates the risk of human errors during manual data entry and calculations.

What do automated reminders in invoicing entail?

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Automated reminders are notifications sent to customers to prompt them to pay their invoices on time. These reminders can be scheduled to run automatically, reducing the need for labor-intensive manual follow-ups.

How does optimizing invoicing processes contribute to improved collections?

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Optimizing your invoicing processes can lead to timely and accurate invoicing, reducing payment delays and increasing the likelihood of receiving payments on schedule. Ultimately, this improvement in the invoicing process can significantly enhance collections.

What's the significance of providing multiple payment options in invoicing?

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Providing customers with multiple payment options is crucial for improving convenience and satisfaction. It increases the likelihood of receiving timely payments and offers customers the flexibility to choose the payment method that suits them best.

In what ways does automated invoice processing enhance invoice management?

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Automated invoice processing streamlines invoice management, reducing manual efforts, improving accuracy, and ensuring faster payments. This efficiency results in better control over your financial records and more streamlined operations.

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Seeking further understanding of invoices?

Invoices are the lifeblood of any business, serving as the formal documentation of financial transactions between sellers and buyers. These documents comprehensively record goods or services rendered, payment terms, and crucial contact information. In essence, invoices ensure that businesses are compensated for their offerings and play a vital role in financial management, accounting, and taxation.

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What does digital invoice processing entail?

Digital invoice processing involves streamlining invoice uploading, distribution, and management. Olympus's Invoice Feature can assist by automating the entire invoicing process, from uploading to deployment, making it more efficient and error-free for recurring transactions. This translates into saved time and enhanced productivity, which can greatly benefit your business.

How does the process of digital invoicing work?

The digital invoicing process scans and sends invoices. It streamlines the invoicing workflow by extracting relevant data using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), recording the same, and sending them to customers electronically.

How can I assess and select an automated invoice processing software?

Evaluating an automated invoice processing software requires considering factors like efficiency and cost reduction. Olympus's invoice feature excels in these aspects by eliminating manual efforts, reducing the likelihood of human error, and reducing costs associated with manual invoicing.

What strategies can I employ to improve the digitization of invoices?

To digitize invoices more effectively, you need streamlined processes and cost reduction. Olympus's invoice feature supports this by electronically storing and organizing invoices, making them easy to access. This feature also helps reduce labor, printing, and mailing invoice costs.