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Traditionally, there was a high chance of missing the payment deadline as there was no way to get reminders on time.
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Set a reminder for tax payments to make sure it is paid on time.

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Benefit from centralized view and control over all GST bill payments across your company on a single platform

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Auto read the challans and convert them into paper records for audits and other purposes

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Ensure checks and approvals are in place for valid spending, the proper audit trail, and close books quickly. This will help you prevent errors, unauthorized payments and reduce the risk of fraud

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Learn how GST payments can revolutionize the way you work!

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Got Questions?

Don't worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about gst payments in detail

What is a GST payment?

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GST payment denotes the amount of Goods and Services Tax that a business owes against its transactions that needs to be paid on a regular basis. Every entity with GST registration must remit the payment on or before the due date.

How do I make a GST payment?

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Making a GST payment is simple and involves the following steps:

  • Log in to the official GST portal and navigate to the payments tab under 'Services'

  • Click “Create Challan”, enter amounts under sections like CGST, IGST, CESS, etc, and choose the NEFT/RTGS options and select AXIS bank as the remitting bank

  • Upload the created challan on EnKash portal for audit team verification

  • Confirm the amount, request OTP, and complete payment

What are CGST, SGST, and IGST?

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Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST) is the tax implemented on intrastate sales of goods and services by the central government. State Goods and Services Tax (SGST) is the tax imposed on the intrastate sales of goods and services by the state government. Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) is the tax levied on interstate sales of goods and services. This is shared between the state and central governments.

How do I check my GST payment status?

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To check your GST payment status, start by visiting the official GST payment portal. Click on the Dashboard. On this, go to Services, then Payments, and Track Payment Status. Enter the CPIN and GSTIN to check the status of your payment. Please note that you do not need to log in to do this.

What is the link for GST payment?

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You need to click on this link for GST payment -

What is EnKash GST payment?

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The tax payment module helps you deal with business-related taxes like GST without going through repetitive and manual processes. You can easily fetch the challan from the government portal, create challan for payment, get maker and approver approvals on record. You have the option to use a prepaid card, debit card, NEFT, or connected banking option to make the payment. Once the payment is completed, the payment proof will be scanned and filed digitally in your records for future reference.

Why is tax payment critical for my business?

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Tax payments are mandatory by law, and the government requires businesses like yours to pay taxes on time to reap the benefits associated with it, avoid penalties, and keep the business going. Olympus’ tax payment module facilitates the whole process and reduces manual errors and makes a record trail for future audit/reference.

Does the tax payment module help improve the finance team’s performance? If yes, how?

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Olympus’ tax payment module improves the efficiency of your finance team by ensuring that the payments are not missed, the approval process is clear and fast, and by ensuring that the digital records for tax payments are stored in the right place. Olympus’ tax payment module ensures that your business meets compliance and audit-related requirements.

Why should a startup consider GST payment?

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Tax Payment is critical for a startup because it helps them with the following aspects:

  • Ensure timely tax payments to avoid penalties

  • Have a seamless trail of approvals and the relevant paperwork in place

  • Enable the finance team to concentrate on more strategic work

  • Improve the overall efficiency of all the related teams

How does the GST payment online module help create clear records?

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With Olympus’ tax payment module, much of the process is online with a transparent process laid out. This ensures that the payments are made on time with the right people checking the details and giving their approvals. Once the payment is made, a digital record is created for future reference in case it is required to provide proof of payment or answer audit-related questions.

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Seeking further understanding of GST payment online?

GST, or Goods and Services Tax, is an indirect tax implemented to consolidate many excise duties, VAT, and other indirect taxes. GST is applicable at every level at which the sale occurs.

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Explain the types of taxpayers and their GST payment process

All taxpayers are bound to follow the same GST payment process. However, there are various types of taxpayers:

Regular Taxpayers

These taxpayers use the PMT-06 challan to pay GST while filing GSTR-3B. A challan can be created and paid for while filing GSTR-3B returns.

Quarterly Taxpayers

All those who have opted for the Quarterly Returns with Monthly Payment (QRMP) scheme under GST come under this category of taxpayers. They deposit the tax in the initial two months of the quarter using the PMT-6 and pay while filing GSTR-3B for the third month of the quarter.

Nil GST returns Taxpayers

This category of taxpayers has no taxes to pay for the tax period, and they don’t use the challan to make the payment.

Composition Taxpayers

These taxpayers must summarize their sales/turnover details for the quarter in challan CMP-08 and make tax payments.

What are the steps to create a challan without portal login?

Follow the steps below to create a challan without logging into the GST portal

  • Go to
  • Navigate to the Services tab
  • Select Payments and click on Create Challan
  • Enter GSTIN in the provided field
  • Input the captcha code and click Proceed
  • Choose monthly or quarterly payment reason and select the desired period for challan creation
  • Click on self-assessment challan or 35% and proceed
  • Challan amount details auto-fill with previous tax payments (You can click on edit reason only if you have logged into the portal)
  • Follow the steps for offline or online payment and re-enter GSTIN to proceed further

What are the steps to generate a GST challan after portal login?

  • Visit to access the GST portal
  • Log in with your username, password, captcha, and OTP
  • Navigate to Services → Payments → Create Challan
  • Choose the reason: Monthly Payment for Quarterly return (QRMP scheme) or Any Other Payment
  • Select the financial period for the return. Opt for 35% Challan or Self-Assessment basis
  • Challan Amount Details auto-fill with tax paid via Form GSTR 3B
  • Save the challan for edits (not applicable with 35% scheme)

The saving of challan is only possible if you have logged into the official GST portal

What are the time constraints for filing the returns of the GST Payment?

The various types of GST Return Forms have different due dates for filing the returns.

Return FormDue Date
GSTR-111th of the next month
IFF13th of the next month
GSTR-3B20th of the next month For QRMP it is 22nd or 24th of the month succeeding the quarter
CMP-0818th of the month succeeding the quarter
GSTR-430th of the month succeeding a financial year
GSTR-520th of the next month
GSTR-5A20th of the next month
GSTR-613th of the next month
GSTR-710th of the next month
GSTR-810th of the next month
GSTR-931st December of the next financial year
GSTR-9C31st December of the next financial year
GSTR-10Within three months of the date of cancellation
GSTR-1128th of the month after the month for which the statement is filed
ITC-0425th April (AATO up to Rs.5 crore)
25th October and 25th April (AATO exceeds Rs.5 crore)

What is the timeframe for net banking transactions?

If you are making the payments online, you have access to it around the clock but if you want transaction for the same day, it is better to time your payments between 08:00 am to 08:00 pm.

What are the different types of GST forms?

A Comprehensive List of Forms:

Form GST PMT-01To maintain the electronic tax liability register
Form GST PMT-02For maintaining the electronic credit ledger
Form GST PMT-03

This includes the following:

- Order of rejection for refund of balance in electronic ledger

- Electronic cash ledger that is issued by an authorized personnel

Form GST PMT-04To communicate if there is any discrepancy in your electronic credit ledger
Form GST PMT-05To maintain the electronic cash ledger
Form GST PMT-06This includes the challan for paying tax, interest, fees, penalty, or other related amounts
Form GST PMT-07This form can be used to communicate if the bank account has been debited but CIN is not generated or if the CIN has been generated but not reflected in the GST portal