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Chargeback or Dispute Management Policy

1. Introduction:

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines on how settlements would be done to Merchants by Nehat Tech Solutions Private Ltd.

The policy would provide the overview on the transaction flow and factors that would be considered while settlement is done.

2. Dispute Management Cycle :

Nehat Tech Solutions Private Limited will follow a fair and transparent policy to manage and process disputes by forcing that both parties of the transaction (Customer and Merchant ) hold up to their obligation of the transaction. 

Given below the flow of the Dispute Cycle: 

Diagram Description automatically generated

Disputes follow a strict timeline by when the acceptance or rejection need to be sent across to the Issuer via the network & Acquirer.  Given the same, the merchant is also expected to update the same to the Nehat Tech Solutions Private Limited with the timelines. 

Some of the type of disputes but not limited to are as below 

  1. Delay in service/delivery of goods
  2. Non delivery of goods/service
3. Dispute Timelines & Communication

As per network & Payment association and regulatory guidelines, Disputes need to be addressed in a time effective manner.

Accordingly Nehat Tech Solutions Private Limited has prescribed the timelines for the merchants to respond with documents/details of the transactions and delivery details of service/product. 

Nehat Tech Solutions Private Limited would require merchants to share documents pertaining to the dispute within 5 business days in-case the merchant wants to defend the Dispute. Communication of the dispute would be sent through Email to the merchant pertaining to the dispute. In case of non-receipt of documents, Nehat Tech Solutions Private Limited would send across reminders to the Merchant on the 3rd Business day. If no proper documents are received from the merchant then the dispute would be deemed to have accepted by the merchant. The dispute amount would be adjusted in the settlements payable to the merchant. 

Documents/evidences to be shared by Merchants on disputes received:


Nature/Type of Dispute

Merchant responsibility ( not limited to)



Delay in service/delivery of goods

  1. Merchant terms and conditions and/or customer confirmation to accept delay in service 
  2. Proof of delivery within committed timelines

Within 3rd business day of receipt of business


Non delivery of goods/service

Proof of delivery of goods/service within the committed timelines

Within 3rd business day of receipt of business

4. Disputes review:

As part of review, disputes received against the merchants would also be included.  In case of a dispute ratio of more than 15%, such merchants would need to present explanation and steps to control disputes.

In case where the dispute ratio is more than 35%, such merchants would be given a notice to exit and further settlements would be kept on hold. 

5. Dispute Charges

Any charges levied by the network/association pertaining to disputes would be passed on appropriately to the merchant who has received the disputes.

Further to the above, Nehat Tech Solutions Private Limited may levy an administrative charge for managing disputes on behalf of the merchant. 

6. Review of the Policy

This policy would be reviewed on a periodic basis for any update or change in regulatory guidelines.