Create Customized Policies and Streamlined Approval Processes


Efficient Control and Compliance

easy billing
Customizable expense policies
Set up your own policies for multiple departments based on expense categories
easy onboarding
Soft policy
Apply a soft policy to expenses when no specific policy applies to an expense
virtual cards
Flexible approval flow
Create auto-approval, single-level approval, or multi-level approval flows and use them across policies
zero interest
Default approval flow
Apply default approval flow if no approval flow is created
By defining specific expense limits and approval flows, ensure that expenses are handled efficiently and in line with the company's policies and regulations
Establish and enforce expense policies across various departments and get better control over expenditure
Customizable approval flows allow you to match the complexity of the approval process to the nature of each expense, saving time and reducing unnecessary steps
Reduce administrative overhead and ensure consistency in decision-making by using one approval flow across policies
Take complete control of your organization's expenses today!
Got Questions?

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