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SaaS Cards

Simplified SaaS

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Manage all your SaaS subscriptions on a single platform. Enhance your spend strategies with actionable insights and smart controls

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Using multiple platforms to track individual SaaS subscription renewal dates can be confusing and amplifies the risk of missed payments.
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Manage and pay for all your SaaS subscriptions on a unified platform, from renewal to expenditure.


streamline your SaaS subscription 


Recurring Subscriptions

Manage all your recurring expenses on one platform with total visibility over your subscription spend. Track renewal dates and previous payments and get automated reminders about upcoming renewals

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Greater Visibility

A seamless and rich experience with real-time visibility into your SaaS purchases, helping you make better business decisions

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Purchasing Insights

Improve your organization's performance by increasing your purchasing oversight, which helps reduce costs and streamline your payment process

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Complete Control

Easy monitoring, analysis, and control of corporate SaaS expenses, ensuring SaaS policy compliance within your organization

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For DIY corporate access, you can set daily, monthly, and annual usage limits to spend only your allocated budget on SaaS

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Learn how SaaS cards can benefit your business and employees!

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Got Questions?

Don't worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about SaaS cards in detail

What is SaaS?

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SaaS is an abbreviation for Software as a Service. It is a software delivery model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers online. SaaS is used for business applications such as CRM, project management, accounting, etc. Its benefits include lower upfront costs, faster deployment, and easier access to the latest software features.

Why should I manage my business’ recurring expenses on one platform?

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Managing all your recurring expenses on one platform provides total visibility over your entire subscription spend. You can track renewal dates and previous payments and get automated reminders about upcoming renewals, which makes it easier to manage your expenses and reduces the risk of missing payments.

How can I control my SaaS expenditure?

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To effectively manage your SaaS expenditure, consider implementing various strategies. Utilize specialized tools and insights to track essential information like renewal dates and subscription prices. Additionally, leverage virtual cards and accounts with predefined limits to prevent overspending on SaaS subscriptions.

How does SaaS subscription management help save time?

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You can use a SaaS management platform to streamline and manage all your subscriptions. This way, you can avoid manually tracking renewal dates and previous payments. This means you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on other aspects of your business.

How can you get greater visibility into SaaS purchases?

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Various SaaS management platforms offer real-time visibility into SaaS purchases, which can help you make better business decisions. They let you see all your SaaS purchases in one place and gain insights into your spending patterns.

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Seeking further understanding of SaaS cards?

Businesses can avail SaaS cards for subscription purposes and use them as required. For the smooth functioning of subscriptions, the respective teams can be allocated cards, and budgets can be assigned.

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What does SaaS stand for?

SaaS stands for software as a service and relates to all the costs related to software-related expenses. These SaaS costs include hosting the website, software licensing fees, fees related to cloud storage, software subscriptions, website maintenance costs, and the salaries of the customer support teams.

How does the SaaS expense management platform work?

Your SaaS expense management platform will collate all the costs associated with SaaS spend and provide IT and finance teams with complete visibility over software-related payments. These costs can be annual, quarterly, or monthly. In most companies, the marketing department works with the IT department to finalize the SaaS tools required and negotiate the costs for maximum advantage.

Why do companies need SaaS expense management?

SaaS expenses often pertain to the aspects of the business that are external-facing, like the website, blog, visuals, etc. To ensure these aspects run smoothly, you must choose the right SaaS tool, get the optimum cost, and pay the fees on time. With the SaaS expense management platform, you can track the cost and ensure you get the approvals to renew the subscriptions on time.

How does SaaS expense management help businesses?

SaaS subscription management helps to optimize the expenses by timing the subscription right. Sometimes, a particular SaaS subscription will be cheaper when taken annually, and the platform will help you analyze this. In other instances, you may not have to take an annual subscription because the tool is used only for a short period, thus reducing the expenses.

How to build a SaaS expense management strategy?

A smart platform can help you build an effective SaaS expense management strategy in the following ways:

  • Discover: Get an overview of the subscriptions and costs related to SaaS within your company
  • Dig deeper: The next step is to discover the purpose of the cost
  • Reduce: Look at the usage patterns and reduce the subscription time if required
  • Negotiate: For bulk usage and annual packages, you can negotiate better rates
  • Approve and pay: Set up checking mechanisms to regulate payments and monitor new spends

How does a SaaS expense management platform provide value?

Our SaaS expense management platform or subscription management platform will ensure the following:

  • Make payments on time and get rebates
  • Reduce unnecessary spend by consolidating subscriptions
  • Ensure there is an approval trail for audit purposes
  • Enable your various teams to function without any interruptions