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Corporate Cards | 

DIY Card Module

Empower your business with 

DIY card module

Experience the flexibility of purpose-made cards, and get unprecedented control over all your business spends like T&E, marketing, vendor payments, rental payments, and much more

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Traditional corporate cards are very generic. They lack the flexibility to adapt to the unique spending requirements of different business functions.
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Create purpose-made cards that cater to your specific needs and use cases, with the ability to configure each card and set spending rules aligned with organization policies.

A truly

 centralized solution

 for corporate card management


Spend Controls

Tailor authorization rules according to your preferences, including permitted merchant categories and individual spending limits per cardholder

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Real-Time Records

Records are updated in real-time as and when any payment is made using a card which makes spending reconciliation a breeze

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Expenditure Overview

Optimize your business spends with a holistic overview of your overall card expenditure in a single dashboard

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Block Cards Instantly

Take charge of card security by disabling and enabling cards when needed, all at your fingertips

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Seamless Integration

Easily sync up with your existing accounting softwares like Tally, Zoho, etc

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Verification Process

Simplified onboarding process with our automated eKYC and seamless bank account verification for both suppliers and customers.

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Got Questions?

Don't worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about our DIY cards module in detail

What is DIY card module?

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The DIY card module is a solution for businesses to manage corporate card expenses. It offers customizable spending limits, real-time expense tracking, and easy card management with a user-friendly dashboard. This centralized solution simplifies processes like issuing purpose-specific cards and disabling cards, ensuring efficient control and optimization of overall business expenditure.

How can I apply for the DIY card solution?

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To apply for the DIY card solution, simply:

  • Visit EnKash and sign up using your registered mobile number or email

  • Submit your card application with the required documentation

What documents are needed to apply for this solution?

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To apply for this solution, follow these steps:

  • Create an EnKash account by completing a simple registration process and verify your account with KYC details

  • Choose the type of business entity: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, or others

Provide the following documents:

  • Sole Proprietorship: Business financial statements for the past two years, along with owner's credentials

  • Partnership: Business financial statements for the past two years and personal financial statements of the partners

  • Private Limited Company: Business financial statements for the past two years and finances of the directors

  • Public Limited Company: Audited financial statements for the past two years, details of the company structure, and board of directors

Submit financials based on your business type:

  • GSTIN certificate

  • PAN details of the business

  • Owner/Partner/Director details

Provide credit scores for the company or proprietor/partner/directors.

Include additional documents such as:

  • Partnership deed for partnership firms

  • Shareholding structure for private limited companies

  • Shareholding pattern for public limited companies

Submit any other relevant documents requested during the final credit assessment to ensure the best possible credit limit for your business.

How does a DIY card solution help with audits?

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We provide a free smart dashboard along with your card that enables you to track and manage expenses in real time. You can also update entries in real time and keep track of approval status. All these factors will help you with audits.

How can I prevent fraud with the DIY card solution?

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To prevent fraud using the DIY card solution, you can employ OTP authorization for secure card usage. Additionally, if the card is lost or misplaced, promptly block it using the DIY dashboard. This ensures added security and prevents unauthorized access to the card.

How can I control expenses with the DIY card solution?

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To control expenses with the DIY card solution, utilize the DIY dashboard to monitor and analyze your spending. Receive regular analytics for a comprehensive overview, allowing you to optimize business spend and maintain control over expenses.

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Seeking further understanding of DIY card module?

Do-It-Your Way or DIY card module is a centralized solution for businesses to manage corporate card expenses. It revolutionizes corporate card management by offering a user-friendly dashboard for easy setup and usage.

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Where can our customers use these cards?

Our cards module are designed to offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing customers to utilize them across a wide spectrum of business needs. Here are some key areas where our customers can maximize the utility of these cards:

  • Pay AWS, Azure, & Google Cloud bills
  • Procure business inventory online
  • Group employee Insurance through partners
  • Landlord details and rental payments
  • Subscribe to MS Office, Adobe, JIRA and CRM
  • Spends on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc
  • Utility, broadband & communication bills
  • POS and ATM transactions

Why do I need a card module?

A card module is essential for efficiently handling your business corporate cards and distributing funds to your team. It simplifies the tracking and management of purpose-specific cards assigned to team members. If an employee leaves or misplaces a card, blocking or putting it on hold is a quick process with just a few clicks. The card module also allows you to set card usage parameters and spending limits easily, providing precise control. Overall, it streamlines card management tasks with its user-friendly functionalities.