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Seamless Banking

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Experience seamless integration, secure transactions, and customization with your existing bank account and manage business finances efficiently

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Managing multiple bank accounts manually for payments and collections has been the traditional way of business.
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With EnKash, businesses can decentralize payments and collections by working with just one branch of their existing bank.

Business banking just

 got smoother & simplified 

with greater visibility & security

Customize As Per Need

Businesses can define a customized logic for decentralized payments as per their requirements

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Visibility & Tracking

It becomes easier for businesses to have clear visibility of all their transactions on a single dashboard. This facilitates data-based decision-making and avoids overspending

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Virtual Accounts

Decentralized payments for businesses can have dedicated platform debit cards for each branch. This facilitates easy and smooth management

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Businesses can define velocity control by defining a limit for the amount to be used and also set approval limits

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Cashflow Management

Enterprises are assured to have a streamlined cash flow as their payables and collections will be in place with receipts captured properly and timely

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Seamless Integration

Businesses can easily integrate banking facilities via EnKash without much technical intervention

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Got Questions?

Don't worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about seamless banking in detail

What are decentralized payments?

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Decentralized payment is the process of distributing authority to different department heads in the organization to make payments to their concerned vendors. Each department has its accounts payable team responsible for processing payments to the vendors or suppliers and maintaining records.

How decentralized payment system differs from a traditional payment system?

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The traditional payment system is a centralized authority that manages funds on users' behalf. However, that is not the case with decentralized payments as the authority is divided between teams to manage funds. The important difference between a traditional payment system and a decentralized payment system is that the transactions are processed by a central authority in the former while the latter automates the transactions with minimum human intervention.

What are the advantages of using decentralized payments?

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  • Decentralized payments can be customized as per the organization and department’s requirements enabling financial transactions that are aligned with the business’s nature

  • The distribution of payment across different channels gives less chance of payment failures making the process more efficient and resilient

  • Such payments provide greater flexibility and control over data and transactions. The user can maintain data privacy as per their choice

  • The decentralized payment system is accessible and not difficult to work with

  • These payments allow peer-to-peer transactions without intermediaries like banks

  • Though these payments are accessible, they are secure and cannot be violated easily

Are decentralized payments secure?

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Decentralized payments are secure as they are assisted by blockchain technology. They are encrypted well for anyone to decode easily. The transactions made via decentralized payment systems cannot be tampered with or modified as they come with high security.

How can I start using decentralized payments on EnKash?

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  • Register on EnKash and link your existing bank account to experience seamless banking

  • Add beneficiaries on the EnKash portal

  • Create/import invoices on the platform

  • Enable approval matrix of maker/checker

  • Make payments directly from the platform to your vendor

  • Experience auto reconciliation between your bank account, EnKash and your accounting software

How does EnKash's decentralized payments platform work?

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EnKash decentralized payment is a part of the seamless banking system that we provide. Users can register on the platform, add their company, enter bank account details, and decentralize their payments as per their organization’s setup and make payments to their vendors, and suppliers, and pay their bills easily.

How does EnKash’s multi-bank payment solution benefit businesses?

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The multi-bank payment solution by EnKash enables businesses to have clear visibility of payments made directly to their bank account or payments made via their bank account. With EnKash, businesses can manage multiple bank accounts and align different departments with the suitable bank branch. Businesses can also customize the approval flow according to the hierarchy and role mapping.

The reconciliation reconciliation happens on the dashboard in real time. This visibility helps businesses in quick decision-making based on the data and manage their finances better.

Are there any security concerns associated with seamless banking?

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Seamless banking brings convenience, ease of use, efficiency, and security while increasing customer satisfaction. A user-friendly experience helps retain customers leading to higher conversion rates for businesses.

How does a seamless payment process benefit businesses and customers?

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Seamless banking is dependent on encryption, secure technology, and user authentication measures to protect data. It is essential to have a robust cybersecurity and vigilance system to ensure the security of seamless banking transactions.

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Seeking further understanding of seamless banking?

Personalized digital banking services based on data and insights about the user’s preferences is seamless banking. It exists to ensure a consistent and secure business experience for the user.

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What is a decentralized accounting system?

A way to decentralize the authority of making and collecting payments from their respective department vendors and customers is what makes a decentralized accounting system. The automation leading the system facilitates invoice uploading, data collection, and reconciliation with enhanced visibility and customization as required.

How seamless banking works?

Seamless banking enables the integration of banks and a financial platform to streamline payments for customers. It allows easy and secure transactions with automation at the core. Users can make their payments easily and generate real-time data for reconciliation.

How does EnKash’s seamless payment solutions benefits small businesses?

The seamless payments solution by EnKash provides greater flexibility and visibility into business transactions providing data that can drive business to greater heights. It also eases business payments and collections relieving the users from the hassle of managing multiple transactions across different bank branches. It streamlines reconciliation for the audit team to facilitate decision-making in real-time.