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Payable Analytics

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Identify unnecessary costs, stay on top of your cash flows, and improve vendor relationships

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The traditional way does not provide data that can allow better vendor management and facilitate cash flow.
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The insights from the analytics allow better vendor management and negotiations enabling reduction in costs and improved cash flow.

Gain extensive insights for

business improvement

Complete Control

Businesses can have complete control over accounts payable data including vendor payments, utility payments, and other payments made across different categories. This data helps bring efficiency to business processes

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Invoice Management

Businesses can use data extracted from payable analytics to manage invoices by streamlining their processes, identifying payment patterns, and optimizing their approval workflows

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Real-time Data Accessibility

Know business data related to cash in hand, payments due and made in real-time, and use it optimally like making early payments and availing trade discounts

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Better Negotiation

With data in hand, businesses can compare data in real time across different branches/ departments and projects and use it for better negotiations with vendors

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Learn how payable analytics can revolutionize the way you work!

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Got Questions?

Don't worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about payable analytics in detail

What is payable analytics?

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Payable analytics involves using data and insights to understand the organization’s payments. Using it, the spend pattern of the business can be accessed along with the identification of areas for improvement. It facilitates informed decision-making for businesses wherever their payments are concerned be it for vendors or other entities.

How do payable analytics benefit my business?

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Payable analytics is data that allows businesses to make better decisions. It helps optimize business-related expenses, enables cash flow management, and identifies opportunities for cost savings. Businesses can use analytics to improve their vendor relationships and streamline processes for improvement. The gaps in business payments can be identified using analytics and businesses can enhance their overall performance.

How does payable analytics help in identifying potential cost savings and improving cash flow?

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Payable analytics help businesses identify their spend patterns highlighting areas of cost saving. The insights from the analytics can be used to improve cash flow by making early payments and availing discounts, cutting down on unnecessary spends, better vendor negotiations, and utilizing cash optimally.

Can payable analytics integrate with existing accounting systems and software?

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Businesses can easily integrate EnKash’s payable analytics with their existing accounting software or ERP software. The integration is not complicated and doesn’t require much technical cost.

Why is a payable analytics dashboard important?

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The payable analytics dashboard provides data in real-time which facilitates quick decision-making. For instance, businesses can know their cash flow and if favorable, they can use it to make early payments and avail discounts. The data can be used for better negotiations with vendors by comparing it across multiple business branches.

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Seeking further understanding of payable analytics?

Payable analytics facilitates businesses in better decision making with payables data in hand and improves their overall performance.

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What is a payable analytics platform by EnKash?

EnKash’s payable analytics provides you all the insights about payments made across different categories and vendors, approval time required for payments, cash-in-hand in real-time, payments that are yet to be made and payments made from a specific bank branch. This enables businesses to gain insights about their spending and its management. Businesses can decipher their spend patterns and identify the gaps for better and more informed decision-making.

How does a payable analytics platform work?

A payable analytics platform integrates with your business’s accounting software and identifies all payment related transactions; analyzes them and provides data suitable for business decision-making.

Is a payable analytics platform suitable for businesses of all sizes??

Payable analytics can be tailored for all business sizes as per their needs. Small businesses can streamline their process using analytics while large businesses can use them to optimize their payments. The versatility of analytics for different businesses makes it powerful and worth investing in.

What are the key features and functionalities of payable analytics software?

An efficient payable analytics software helps in invoice management , tracks all payment-related data, and provides deep insights into transactions. It enables real-time data access with expense tracking and compliance monitoring. The software establishes transparency, convenience, and efficiency for business improvement.