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Interest Free Credit For 30 Days

Interest Free Credit For 30 DaysInterest free credit for 30 days

E-commerce seller can now grow their business with interest free credit for 30 days.
  • Get a credit card and buy additional inventory.
  • Pay your utility bills and other day to day expenses.
  • Book all your travel on EnKash card.
  • Automate your repayments and no need to worry about late payment charges.
  • Withdraw cash for emergency needs.

Simplify Your Supplier PaymentsSimplify your supplier payments

Dipping into cash reserves or costly credit lines to pay your Suppliers / Partners?
  • Extend your Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)
  • Better suppliers credit management
  • Optimize working capital with early payment discounts
  • Real-time tracking and visibility on cash flow management
  • Seamless syncing with ERP or accounting system
Simplify Your Supplier Payments
Cloud Bill Payment Made Easy

Cloud Bill Payment Made EasyCloud bill payment made easy

Using personal credit cards to pay for cloud bills or pay for online SaaS portals?
  • Pay your AWS, Google or Azure cloud bills
  • Delegate the cards without the fear of misuse
  • Unblock your personal credit card limits
  • Dashboards for expense monitoring & management
  • Free your finance teams from these routine purchases

Travel Expense Management Made SimpleTravel Expense Management Made Simple

Are your employees struggling to pay corporate travel & entertainment (T&E) expenses using their personal credit cards?
  • Set up employee wise variable credit limits
  • Immediate access to travel funds, anywhere, anytime
  • Monitor & control employee wise travel spends
  • Maximize tracking by generating comprehensive reports
  • Easily integrates transaction data with expense management system
Travel Expense Management Made Simple
Get Freedom From Cash On Daily Spends

Get Freedom From Cash On Daily SpendsGet Freedom From Cash On Daily Spends

Petty cash expenses and managing it eating into your efficiencies?
  • Keep visibility and control on employee spending
  • Fund expenses by employees, location or by time of day
  • Automate the process of reconciliation with transaction data
  • Lower the risk of compliance and accounting errors
  • Sync data with ERP or accounting system for accurate billing

Control Your Digital Marketing ExpensesControl Your Digital Marketing Expenses

Is managing your digital marketing expenses a pain? Do you face challenges while paying through NEFT/ RTGS/ Cheque?
  • Overcomes the need for using personal card for campaigns.
  • Create a virtual card for your digital marketing spends
  • Allow your marketing agency to operate on your behalf with complete control
  • Dashboard to provide a comprehensive view of digital spends
  • Do away with the discomfort of reminders on pending payments
Control your Digital Marketing Expense
Manage Fuel Cost Reporting Better

Manage Fuel Cost Reporting BetterManage Fuel Cost Reporting Better

Are your employees struggling to reimburse fuel expenses of their official travels? Is managing receipts and reconciling a pain?
  • Set custom spending limits and restrictions
  • Define fuel reimbursement policies and controls
  • Easy access to transaction-level data with reporting
  • Customizable integrations with expense management
  • Minimise your valuable accounting and administrative time

No More Utility Bill Payment DelaysNo More Utility Bill Payment Delays

Struggling to keep track of your utility bills? Do you face challenges in managing utility payments?
  • Get early notifications on your existing and upcoming bills
  • Improved visibility with single window view for Pan India utility bills
  • Fast track bill payments with multi-tier approvals
  • Easy reconciliation with location and bill wise details
  • Brings savings with early payment discounts from utility companies
No More Utility Bill Payment Delays
Make GST Payments Using Credit Cards

Make GST Payments Using Credit CardsMake GST payments using Credit Cards

Still searching for the most convenient way to pay GST? Do you face cash flow challenges while making GST payments?
  • India‚Äôs first payment module available for card payments
  • Optimize GST challans with state-of-the-art in-built OCR
  • Efficient data validation checks to ensure precision
  • Single window to see all your GST payments done
  • Enable GST payments with multi- tier approvals
"Your easy access to the world of convenience"
No personal guarantee, instant approval, and modern payment terms.
Powered by the Visa / Mastercard network with best-in-class banking experience.
Flexible Credit Period
Flexible Credit Period
Customized billing cycles to suit your working capital cycle unlike 30 days Industry standard
Dashboard Monitoring
Dashboard Monitoring
Intuitive dashboard to view transactions and manage card functions like addition, blocking & unlocking
Virtual Cards
Virtual Cards
Helps you get started immediately. restrict usage, reduce risk of lost card & prevent misuse
Expense Management
Expense Management
Upload expenses, online approval / rejection by manager
Impressive Business Saving for your Company
Savings automatically become a part of your company's itinerary when the Enkash Corporate Card is employed.
Cut your car rental expenses by 60% and get extended payment terms on your EnKash Corporate card.
Enroll in online bookings for hotels for Business travel with your EnKash Corporate Card and save up to 40% on your hotel stays.