What can EnKash do for your business

Simple onboarding & management

Now onboard your vendors, clients and suppliers quickly using our online dashboard. Minimum documentation required. Quick approvals.

Smart Invoicing

A fully automated invoicing process to setup recurring invoices and payment reminders. Free up your time and let technology follow-up on your invocies.

All your business payments online

Now initiate payments through any mode of your choice - bank transfers, corporate net banking, debit and credit cards - all from a single dashboard. Easily records and tracks payments you've made.

Integrate with existing AP software

Our accounts payable solution easily plugs into third party billing softwares you might already be using. These include Tally, Netsuite, Zoho, SAP, etc. We have built reliable and secure adapters which act as a bridge between your existing system and our interface.

Payout using Standing Instructions

You can setup a list of approved vendors - those you need to pay on a recurring basis. When an approved vendor raises an invoice, payouts are made automatically based on the limits set by you. Recurring payments on a set date can also be made.

One payment, multiple settlements

Managing multiple vendor payments individually on a regular basis can be cumbersome. That is why EnKash has a built-in feature to split a single payment into multiple vendor settlements.

More about EnKash

Enkash™ is refining the way businesses pay each other. We believe that businesses need a fast, automated and simple interface to process their payments, and manage their cash flows better.

With that goal in mind, we are building financial software to address the needs of the market. Our product currently helps businesses manage their invoices and track payments to suppliers. We want to help suppliers improve their cash flow management by getting advance payments or quick financing on their invoices when they offer terms to their customers.

The EnKash team regularly meets enterprises of all sizes to discuss their evolving needs so we can incorporate the same in our product. This process, along with the expertise of the team from decades of combined experience in financial technology, makes us the most reliable partner you can have.

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