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Customized Payment Page

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Accept payments with automated payment receipts, customized branding, and zero coding

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The traditional payment pages are basic and lack any kind of personalization giving no value to the customer experience.
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With EnKash, businesses can customize their payment pages with their brand standards and give a personalized feel to customers making them feel valued.

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 custom-branded payment page

Minimal Integration

Businesses can easily create their customized payment page with payment gateways to collect payments online with negligible technical integration. Both one-time and recurring payments can be collected with these payment pages

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Multiple Payment Pages

Enterprises can create multiple payment pages for each type of transaction. For instance, one payment page can be created for a charity and one for collection from customers

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EnKash does not store your customer card details. This information can only be seen by the customer, the payment gateway, and the bank. This ensures data security

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Customize Your Brand

Businesses can customize their payment page as per their requirements and give their customer a seamless experience

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Automated Receipts

Send automated receipts to customers on payment confirmation without any manual intervention

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Custom Fields

Businesses can customize their payment page by modifying fields to collect information relevant to them

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Got Questions?

Don't worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about customized payment page in detail

How do payment pages work?

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Businesses can select a template or customize their payment page using their brand guidelines and integrate it seamlessly with their website. Within a few clicks, payment pages can go online where transactions can be done to collect customer information to be processed by the payments gateway.

How to integrate payment pages?

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Payment pages do not require any technical integration. Businesses can select or create a template of their choice and start accepting payments in no time.

Can I customize the payment page design?

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Yes, payment pages can be customized as per your brand requirements.

Are payment pages secure?

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EnKash payment pages are secure as per industry standard 100% PCI DSS compliant & certified solution.

How can I send automated payment receipts?

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As you start using the payment page, automated payment receipts will be set by default and sent to customers.

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Seeking further understanding of customized payment page?

Businesses can create customized payment pages for their customers and collect payments from them. These payments can be easily incorporated into business websites and functioning can start instantly.

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What is EnKash's customized payment page?

EnKash provides customized payment pages to businesses to collect their payments from customers for across different business models.

How can I customize the payment pages to reflect my brand's identity professionally?

Brand colors, fonts, and logos can be incorporated into payment pages to align with the brand’s identity.

Can I add custom fields or additional information on the payment pages to gather specific customer data?

Yes, businesses can add or modify custom fields as per their requirements and gather information beneficial to them.