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Facilitate a simple and hassle-free process for payments and collections through quick and reliable transactions

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The traditional way requires one to remember payment due dates and manually initiate payments.
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e-NACH keeps track of all recurring payments and enables you to make payments automatically; helping you save big on penalties and lapsing of services.

Improve your

 business collections


 virtual accounts



e-NACH allows users to register mandates digitally, reducing the time involved

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Streamlines Payments

It automates recurring payments and collections and simplifies business processes

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Timely Collections

It reduces errors, streamlines the payment process, and ensures timely collections

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One-Time Authentication

The automated payments made via E-NACH require one-time authentication

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It helps eliminate variable costs required for follow-ups, invoicing, operations, etc

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Plug & Play Integration

It provides customers a hassle-free and smooth authentication as compared to physical NACH and can be easily integrated via plug and play method

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Got Questions?

Don't worry! Our FAQs section will help you learn about e-Nach in detail

What is an e-NACH mandate?

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Electronic National Automated Clearing House or, e-NACH is a way to automate recurring payments like electricity bills, insurance premiums, SIPs, telephone bills, and other utility bills with a bank account.

How do I register for e-NACH online?

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  • Login to EnKash

  • Register the business for e-NACH by filling in the necessary details like personal information, bank account details, and the amount to be authorized for transactions

  • Submit the details and wait for verification

  • An intimation regarding registration approval will be received on the registered email ID and phone number

How are e-NACH and e-Mandate different?

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Basis of Differencese-NACHe-Mandate
Governing Authoritye-NACH is governed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and covers over 40+ banks.e-Mandates are governed by individual banks.
Types of Paymentse-NACH excels in automating recurring payments.e-Mandate provides versatility, accommodating both recurring and one-time transactions.
ControlIt offers automated processing with predetermined schedules.It provides flexibility to initiate transactions as needed.
UsageIt is commonly used for subscriptions, loan repayments, and utilities.It is used for various payments including ad-hoc payments.

What are the advantages of e-NACH and e-Mandate?

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  • Both e-NACH and e-Mandate bring efficiency to payment processing in businesses

  • E-NACH has replaced the manual methods of authorization and e-Mandate has eliminated the need for paperwork, reducing workload

  • e-NACH ensures timely collection with predetermined schedules and removes the need to be involved manually

  • Both these automation processes have fastened the transaction processing enabling quicker cash flow

  • Customers can easily make recurring payments without any friction in the process

  • e-NACH and e-Mandate can be customized as per business requirements and can be scaled easily as the business grows without disrupting the payment processing

  • Transactions processed via e-NACH and e-Mandate are digitally encrypted which eliminates the risk of data violation

How do I cancel my e-NACH mandate?

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e-NACH can be canceled online by logging into the NACH mandate portal and selecting the mandates to be canceled.

Is e-NACH secure for business payment?

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e-NACH is a secure and reliable payment solution that reduces the risk of fraud usually associated with manual payment processing.

Does e-NACH resolve cash flow for businesses?

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e-NACH integration enables a consistent cash flow by automating recurring payments and simplifying financial operations. This automation allows timely collections, therefore, improving liquidity in the business.

How to set up automotive e-NACH payments?

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  • Fill out the e-NACH enrolment form

  • Login and select the NACH tab

  • Choose the payment debit type to be auto-debited every month

  • Register and validate the data

  • Enter bank account details and complete the e-Mandate form and choose between net banking and debit card

  • A reference number and mandate registration confirmation message will pop up

How to enable e-NACH with EnKash?

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  • Register on EnKash

  • You will be provided with e-NACH with an API integration which can done easily with a plug-and-play method

  • You can set the recurring payment for both your monthly payments and collections

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Seeking further understanding about e-NACH?

The automated process of collecting funds from customers regularly for monthly subscriptions, loan repayments, utility bills, and insurance premiums with electronic authorization is e-NACH. It helps streamline the payment process by eliminating human interaction and reducing errors, promising timely collections.

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What does recurring payments mean?

A payment model where customers authorize the payment of funds from their accounts automatically at regular intervals for goods, services, or bill payments on an ongoing basis is called recurring payments.

What is the difference between NACH and e-NACH?

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) incorporated the National Automated Clearing House or NACH for banks to make bulk transactions for subsidy distribution, dividends, and salaries.

NACH enables repetitive transactions that take place in bulk. It can be further used for payment collection like electricity bills, water bills, insurance premium payments, and other utility bills.

To automate these recurring payments, NPCI introduced the Electronic National Automated Clearing House, or e-NACH. The need to fill the NACH forms and involvement in paperwork is eliminated due to e-NACH. The mandate registration process for e-NACH can be completed within a few hours and requires minimum human intervention.

How does e-Mandate work?

E-mandate works by allowing individuals to provide their consent digitally for businesses to deduct payments directly from their bank accounts. These are directly set up through a net banking transaction from merchant websites. To enable this, a customer would have to complete a one-time net banking transaction authorization after which all subsequent payments will not require customer intervention.

How does e-NACH work?

E-NACH works via electronic mandates, where customers are supposed to provide their authorization for automated debits from their bank accounts. These mandates enable businesses to initiate payments on pre-determined dates. The automated nature of e-NACH minimizes the administrative burden on businesses and customers, ensuring a secure and seamless payment experience.