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Things you must know about credit card rent payment charges

Things You Must Know About Credit Card Rent Payment Charges

Things you must know about credit card rent payment charges

Credit and debt are the basic processes that form the pillars of accounting. They are essential to the working of any business and act as important factor while evaluating the success of a business.

A credit card is a type of credit facility commonly associated with banks and lines of credit. A credit card is issued to an individual or an organization and allows the holder to purchase goods and services on borrowed money.

Using credit cards is extremely convenient and provides full flexibility to the holder. Plus, credit cards allow quick, secure, and smooth payments of all kinds. In fact, credit cards these days are so widely accepted that they can be used to pay rent, buy accessories, to name a few. Moreover, credit card rent payment includes business rental payment, house rent payment through credit card, etc.

One might wonder about the rent payment through credit card charges, but in exchange of all these benefits, credit card rent payment charges are incredibly minimal. This is because the associated systems and technology have evolved to perfect efficiency. Let’s learn about credit card rent payment charges and how your business can reap the benefits.

Why you should pay rent using credit card?

Credit card rent payment charges are the right choice for any business because they allow the holder to acquire assets through instant payments. They facilitate smooth business operations and allow you to consolidate smaller rental payments into spread out larger payments. In fact, credit card rent payment charges enable businesses to take control and set the pace for their payments. We have listed all the benefits below.

Benefits of using credit card for rent payment

Businesses that utilize credit card rent payment gain a competitive edge in the market as they are able to manage their expenses better and make informed decisions.

credit card rent payment charges

  1. Convenience: Credit card rent payment charges allow utmost convenience by facilitating payments to take place in mere seconds. In fact, rental payments through EnKash allow you to group payments to different payees and make a single transaction.
  2. Flexibility: Credit card rent payment charges allow businesses to take charge and focus on the tasks at hand. You do not have to worry about making payments.
  3. Rewards: By completing the rent payment charges through credit card give you various bonuses and points. These bonuses vary from bank to bank, but the more payments done through credit card rent payment charges, the more rewards you win.
  4. Universal: Credit card rent payment have now become popular and every form of payments supports them. They can be used to purchase commodities of all kinds.
  5. Business growth: Credit card rent payment charges provide the holder complete freedom, business owners can focus on making important decisions. As a result, credit card rent payment charges can help you manage and improve your business.

How to pay rent using a credit card?

Completing credit card rent payment charges is extremely easy using the EnKash portal. We have listed all the steps to help you reap all the benefits.

  1. Log in to the dashboard
  2. Go through the auto-fetched rent records
  3. Identify your recurring recoverable, ad hoc deductions or advance payments
  4. Manage GST entries and calculate TDS deductions against the records
  5. Approve bill records in bulk and make payments with one click
  6. Get MIS in the format you prefer

Details required for credit card rent payment

To begin processing credit card rent payment charges, there are important details you should know to provide. These include the landlord’s name, contact number and bank account details along with your credit card information like card number and expiration date. After this, your business is all set to utilize the benefits of credit card rent payment charges.

Things to consider before credit card rent payment

There are some final things you should consider before you decide to go for credit card rent payment charges. Rent payment through credit card charges allow businesses to manage their accounts better. Especially if you decide to make use of EnKash for rental payments.

EnKash offers credit cards as a mode of payment for rental payments and allow businesses to make informed decisions. It shares statistics on the uploaded rent records and helps you store and manage your TDS certificates. Essentially, EnKash is a great tool to manage your cash flow.


Enable faster business growth by making rent payments using credit cards. With EnKash, you can configure a centralized or decentralized payments system for your company and manage rents, payments, and taxes, all in one platform. Build a better vendor network promoted by the efficient account type for vendors and experience seamless transactions. Go for financial innovation and start your EnKash journey today.

Things You Must Know About Credit Card Rent Payment Charges

Things you must know about credit card rent payment charges

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