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Fintech trends in 2023

Top Fintech Trends in 2023

Fintech trends in 2023

FinTech is the combination of Finance & Technology which is constantly evolving and adapting to new technological trends and the needs of the customers by replacing the traditional banking system.  In this blog, we have discussed a few potential trends in FinTech that may impact the banking and FinTech industry in 2023.

Digital-only Banking

With the evolving advances in technology and all that it can offer, changing rapidly, customer expectations are also changing with time. Moreover, the ever-increasing demands for instant and personalized experiences, especially after Covid-19, have permeated the banking ecosystem in the past few years. Hence, the same has pushed banks to operate digitally. To be specific, FinTechs will continue to carve the path for digital-online banking in 2023, which will be more seamless, real-time, and transparent.

Contactless Payments

Since the novel coronavirus pandemic hit the world, contactless payments have become the new norm for making purchases such as UPI, payment links, wallets, etc. The payments industry in India has also undergone a drastic change, and it will continue for many years. Contactless payments are highly accessible and help lower entry barriers, especially for SMBs in India.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology revolutionized the FinTech industry by providing an extremely secure and transparent way of storing and transferring data in the past. It will likely continue to shape how businesses are conducted and information is exchanged. In 2023, it will allow the banks to conduct faster transactions at marginally lower costs, improve their security and reduce excessive bureaucracy.

Artificial Intelligence

Similar to the past few years, the way Artificial Intelligence (also called AI) has been embedded in every aspect of our lives, covering almost every domain and offering a plethora of financial services as well.  It is expected that in 2023, financial institutions and the entire FinTech industry will be relying heavily on it for business payments, customer support, analytics, seamless onboarding, detection of financial fraud, and much more.

Super Apps

Supers Apps meets users' everyday needs by offering a wide range of services and functions in that single portal. It is a collection of various niche applications and an integrated ecosystem of third-party services supported by the payment system. Moreover, to work on multiple tasks, a mini digital operating system is created to offer the best customer experience.

However, in 2023, Super Apps will be trending a lot, especially with the help of various FinTech startups in the industry that are aiming to build a digital ecosystem.


Neo-Banks have been providing a complete banking experience through digital platforms such as mobile applications for a long time. Apart from offering primary banking services, neo banks will continue to provide automated and near real-time accounting and reconciliation services for bookkeeping, balance sheets, and taxation services in 2023. Moreover, neo-banking will significantly simplify the financial world with a better customer-centric approach.

Spend Management

Most small to mid-level enterprises are still stuck with spreadsheets and manual tracking of business spends and expenses. Hence, as an immediate need for automation, the Spend Management trend will surely rule the fintech industry in India by effectively increasing process efficiency and organizational savings by more than 30-40%.

In the year 2023, Spend Management platforms will help SMBs to gain greater visibility in the overall operational spending activities and will also be working on inefficiencies, computation, and reduction of financial risks. It will regularize cash flow, minimize financial risk and ensure optimum utilization of the company funds.

Final Words

It is true to say that the COVID-19 pandemic was the impetus for the proactive development of technologies that had been in execution for many years. It is always challenging to know the exact state of the FinTech trends as it is a rapidly evolving field.

However, keeping in mind the past experience, the above FinTech Trends can be the game changer for the entire FinTech industry as they focus on improving various security-related issues, operational risks, overhead costs, and much more.

At EnKash, Asia’s 1st and smartest spend management platform, we offer various FinTech solutions to simplify spending and amplify revenues.

Top Fintech Trends in 2023

Fintech trends in 2023

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