OlympusTM, an EnKash** product, is a licensed online payment aggregator authorized by the RBI

Olympus™, an EnKash** product, is a licensed online payment aggregator authorized by the RBI

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Automate your company’s AP, AR, and bank reconciliation seamlessly

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Reasons you need prepaid credit card for your business

5 Reasons You Need Prepaid Credit Cards For Your Business

Reasons you need prepaid credit card for your business

Many businesses that operate on a small and medium level have gained huge success and have been able to scale their company profitably with prepaid credit cards, as they are regarded as a powerful financial tool to manage business expenses. Moreover, in the wake of digitization, it has become even more critical for organizations to adopt prepaid cards to ease the process of managing company accounts payable.

Significance of prepaid credit cards in India

Prepaid credit cards are an essential financial instrument that every business needs to grow in India. Corporate prepaid credit cards allow your business to allocate its working capital resourcefully and avoid the risk of financial fraud.

Having a limit set on the prepaid credit card enforces a sense of responsibility in the employees’ minds as they must adhere to the available balance on the card. This way, the company can control where the business funds are getting used and whether or not it is a priority to make that expense.

Corporate prepaid card solutions: the most efficient way to accelerate business growth

When a business is in a growth stage, it is common to have multiple employees work in one department, like the finance department having more than one employee managing the company finances. And even though issuing corporate cards to multiple employees makes the business process efficient, it raises the risk of misuse of the business funds. That is why it is crucial for corporations issuing multiple corporate cards to shift to prepaid credit cards to have more control over their working capital.

Let’s look at some of the most prominent reasons why corporate prepaid card solutions are the most efficient way to accelerate business growth.

Financial Control: With prepaid credit cards, businesses can set spending limits on the cards issued to employees. This way, the company can have complete financial control over the working capital. Furthermore, corporate prepaid card solutions ensure timely payments for organizations dealing with multiple vendors and creditors. In addition, businesses can easily set recurring payment options, which automates the payment process and reduces employees’ workload.

Streamline Accounting Process: With EnKash prepaid credit cards , companies can view where the business funds are being used. The corporate prepaid credit card enables them to track every transaction with utmost accuracy. In addition, the EnKash spend management feature allows the company to view all the vendor databases, including the invoicing details, in one place.

Ease of Invoicing: If a business trades with many suppliers, managing invoices becomes challenging as the company needs to maintain the receipts, fill in the details in the accounting records and then make timely payments. The entire process is tiring and runs the risk of errors in the accounting books, as it is humanly impossible for employees to record massive data with 100% accuracy. With EnKash corporate prepaid card solutions, businesses can automate their digital payment process, like invoicing, recording, managing, and sending payments.

Allocating financial resources: For growing businesses, it is essential to strategically allocate financial resources to avoid losing business funds. Companies in the growth stage aim at diversifying and delegating, which might lead to the draining of working capital if the employees handling the business finances do not use the financial resources appropriately. That is why it becomes even more critical for growing businesses to issue prepaid credit cards encouraging the employees to take informed and strategic purchase decisions.

Reloadable: A prepaid credit card not only reduces the risk of overspending but is also a great alternative financial instrument for companies as these cards are easily reloadable. Companies function for an extended period, and thus it is expected that they will incur substantial business expenses every month. With corporate prepaid credit cards, the company can quickly reload the cards monthly with a budget.

What to know about prepaid cards
What to know about Prepaid Cards

How do reloadable prepaid cards work?

  • Reloadable prepaid credit cards are relatively simple to use. Businesses can claim the card and easily activate it with just a few simple steps. Once the card is activated, the company can load the card with funds by direct cash, bank transfer, online payment, or by linking the company bank account
  • With reloadable prepaid cards, the company can either opt to transfer funds into the cards weekly, monthly or even daily based on the needs or the frequency of the card’s usage
  • In addition to setting the budget on the cards, the corporate prepaid cards solutions enable the business to set a limit on the amount that can be used daily to further reduce instances of reckless spending

Digital payments through payment gateway are the best way to make business transactions, as they are convenient, easy to process and track, and, most importantly, they enable the business to control spending limits. Additionally, for growing startups and enterprises, issuing prepaid credit cards to employees enables the business to streamline the company’s business funds and provides it with centralized authority over the business cash flow.

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5 Reasons You Need Prepaid Credit Cards For Your Business

Reasons you need prepaid credit card for your business

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