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How to pay rent with a credit card?

Running a business often means juggling priorities and allocating funds without disrupting the flow of business. Often, this would mean that you have to find funds for non-core business-related expenses like rent, which, while not directly part of the goods or services your business is involved in, still have an impact. 

This article will look at how you can manage rent payments through a credit card without charges. Yes, doing this without negatively impacting your working capital management is possible. 

We will start by looking at the various aspects of how to make rent payment by credit card. The starting point will be the rental payment, and then we will look at how credit cards work. As the next step, we will examine the process that will help you pay rent using credit cards with maximum benefits. 

Pay rent with a credit card

As mentioned earlier, you get a smart platform to help you manage your credit card. Follow this process to pay rent with credit card:

  • Start by attaching or adding an existing owner (landlord) or new owner (landlord). This requires you to add details like the full name of the owner, contact details (mobile and email), PAN or GSTN details, attach the rental agreement, add bank account number, and IFSC card
  • ¬†Once this process is completed, add the property and other details to complete and create the record. This is a one-time process for each rental property your business has
  • Post this set-up, the rental records are automatically fetched every month for future payments
  • You can use EnKash to pay rent with your credit card. You will have to register on the platform and get KYC done for processing the payment to avoid discrepancies and fraud
  • Review the payments, deductions, and other advance payments made
  • Manage the TDS deductions against the rent records and the GST entries
  • The next step is to bulk-approve the records. You can do this one at a time if that is your preference
  • If this is a first-time payment using your credit card, enter the details like the card number, name on the card, validity date, and CVV.¬† At the time of the payment, you may be asked to add the CVV and request OTP generation
  • Enter the secure OTP that you will get either on your registered mobile number or email ID
  • Check all details to make the payment¬†
  • Get a Management Information System report in a format that is compatible with your ERP or financial solution

How credit cards work

Businesses nowadays apply and get corporate credit cards with a credit limit to enable business-related payments. Getting a corporate card with a substantial credit limit is a smart and simple way to ensure you have working capital to keep your business running. 

Personal credit cards are issued to an individual and can be used to get a line of credit. However, the difference between corporate credit cards and personal credit cards is based on the credit limit, perks and benefits involved, and credit score. Apparently, a personal credit card affects your personal credit score and not your business credit score.

With the corporate credit card, you also get a credit period to repay the amount you have used on the card limit. This period is an interest-free period before which it is due. For most corporate credit cards, the use of the card for many transactions does not incur an extra charge. When you go with a specialized fintech brand like EnKash, the credit limit from the issuing bank for the card comes with a smart platform that enables you to manage the card well. 

You can allocate the limit you have been sanctioned on the credit card further down to key team members to be used to pay for business expenses. You can also set up approvals and limits within the platform to regulate the payments using the card.

Advantages of paying rent with credit card 

Rewards points: One of the key benefits of paying rent via credit card is to earn reward points. Every time you use your credit card to pay rent, you get rewarded either in the form of cashback or redeemable offer points, which can be used against the offers available.

Convenience: Setting up automatic payments for monthly or quarterly rental payments is a convenient way to pay rent with a credit card. This gives you freedom from late fees, missed payments, and penalties.

Build credit score: Paying your rent with a credit card helps you build your credit score. However, you need to make sure these payments are done timely to keep your credit score positive. 

Emergency funds: In case of an emergency, you can spare the cash in hand and use your credit card to pay your rent and avoid late fee penalties. 

Tips to get maximum benefit of paying rent with a credit card

  • Sync and coordinate your rental payments with the billing cycle of your credit card¬†
  • Time your rental payment within a few days of the billing date to ensure that you have the maximum credit period¬†
  • Repay the amount you have used on time to ensure that your credit limit is replenished and maintain your credit rating
  • Ensure that you have approvals and paperwork on record to ensure smooth auditing and tax filing

Do you still have doubts? Here are some FAQs to get you on the right track!

What are the benefits of rent payment through a credit card?

When you pay rent using your business credit card, you can get the following benefits:

  • A simple way to augment your working capital quickly
  • A quick solution to rental payment needs
  • An improved credit score due to regular use and repayment
  • Easy documentation and approvals to meet taxation and audit requirements
  • The smooth running of operations due to timely rent payment

How to avoid extra charges for credit card usage for rent payments?

Use your credit card to pay rent smartly based on the billing date and repay either the full amount or part amount on a timely basis.

How to avoid the misuse of credit cards to pay rent?

Use EnKash’s spend management platform to set approvals, limits, and checks in place to avoid the misuse of cards while paying the rent.

Is it possible to make multiple rent payments with a credit card?

You can add all the premises you are renting to the system and get approvals for all the payments, post which you can make bulk payments with a single click to save time while ensuring secure payment.

Can I assign or authorize other team members to pay rent using a credit card?

Yes, you can assign specific people to pay the rent while setting the limit and approval process to avoid any misuse. 

How to pay rent with a credit card?

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