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Olympus™, an EnKash** product, is a licensed online payment aggregator authorized by the RBI

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Automate your company’s AP, AR, and bank reconciliation seamlessly

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Manage employee expenses with a highly customizable platform

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Importance of Digital Marketing

Why Is Digital Marketing Important for Small Businesses?

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Importance of Digital Marketing

Importance of Digital Marketing for Small Business Growth

We live in a digital world, where the importance of digital marketing is likely to only increase in the future. According to industry research, there were over 700 million internet users in India in 2020 which is expected to grow to over 970 million by 2025. Digital marketing is here to stay and if you’re not leveraging it for your business, you’re missing out on all the benefits.

Far from what it used to be; today the importance of digital marketing is all the more important for businesses. Digital market strategies today are driven by analytics and data. The approaches are customised to customer preferences and interests, there is no set model for everyone. Making use of both social media and broadcast, the new age of digital marketing aims to deliver precise targeting of your audiences to help you build and grow.

Digital Marketing Strategies
6 Digital Marketing Strategies

Benefits Of Digital Marketing For Business

Let’s go through some of the benefits of digital marketing for businesses.

The use of SEO brings in new customers

It is the holy grail of all importance of digital marketing. The main objective of SEO is to ensure your content is at the top of the search feed when people look for a keyword that is related to your brand. By optimising search traffic based on analytics, your company website becomes the go-to site for prospective customers and will help generate more leads.

Application of precise customer targeting

The importance of digital marketing has come a long way. With frequent changes to algorithms, analysing trends used in the past, and filtering behaviour, it is now possible to direct your ads to a precise audience instead of sharing it with the whole world. In the end, it’s the target audience that is going to buy your product.

Leveraging social media

If you’re out tweaking your digital marketing data but not leveraging your brand’s social presence, you’re missing out on a lot of audiences. Viewership on social media is on the rise and utilising this medium together with other offline and online campaigns could provide a huge traffic boost to your site.

Branding with custom communication

It’s one thing to be out there and quite another to make a statement and stand apart. This is where you can control what you put out, how you want your brand to be perceived, and who should be coming to you. Traditional marketing does not have a voice to respond, the importance of digital marketing alters this challenge entirely.

Making use of performance marketing

This aspect of importance of digital marketing focuses on constant optimization of your campaign metrics. In the customer-journey funnel, this plays a key role in managing expectations, formulating responses, and digitising interactions. Depending on your objective, your outcome will vary and you can track how well your ads or campaigns are performing. There are specialised marketing tools to make your work even easier. They not only monitor your ROI but also track your analytics and deviations.

Creating a brand identity

How a brand communicates, what they stand for and how they achieve their goals is equally important for a customer as is the product or service they’re looking for. When you have a digital footprint, it is your identity that stays back with the audience. Your identity and communication are what sets you apart. And when you know the importance of digital marketing for your business, you’re always in a position to tweak your communication until you hit the right note. People come for the service but return for the experience.

Move over traditional marketing. Digital marketing is the way of the future and it has completely revolutionized how brands interact with consumers. The importance of digital marketing is ascertained on priority when you own a brand or a company. It builds trust, brings an audience and creates a higher recall value. It is also important to keep in mind about B2B payment solutions for further approach.


Owners and executives frequently regard marketing as an expenditure, and they are correct – running advertising costs money regardless of the media. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, has a very high entrance hurdle; even billboards in the middle of nowhere and 3 a.m. advertisement slots aren’t cheap.

While large spending is encouraged and provides more opportunities for involvement, platforms such as Google and Facebook have no minimum barrier to access. If you wanted to, you could conduct a $5 campaign. Furthermore, these platforms frequently provide ad expenditure credit to new marketers.

Develop your agility

To continually enhance the customer journey, your marketing and technology teams must collaborate. As a result, executives must elevate the importance of digital marketing to the CEO and senior management agenda to gain executive support and drive momentum. They must also make existing marketing-activity ROI transparent and discontinue marketing initiatives that fall below a specific ROI level.

One of the finest techniques is to build many agile marketing and tech squads to target key performance metrics using high-performing current staff. Members of the team should be knowledgeable in growth marketing, search engine optimization, user experience design, HTML development, attribution analytics, overall campaign management, and copywriting.


When done correctly, digital marketing may level the playing field for small businesses competing with large multinationals. Although Amazon, Walmart, and other large box stores have the deepest coffers, money cannot purchase search engine importance. The only way to appear at the top of Google’s search results page is to establish relevance through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimization (SEO).

One of the benefits of directing your marketing through digital channels is the ease with which outcomes can be tracked and monitored in digital marketing.

The Bottom Line

Whether B2B or B2C, both types of businesses may effectively use various Digital Marketing mediums- the essential thing they must consider is knowing about the importance of digital marketing trends that suit their type of business. SEO, Paid Advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, e-commerce SEO, Automation Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and so on have all become standard practices of B2B and B2C organisations.

To know more, visit: www.enkash.com. You can also click below on Signup Now and we will reach out to you soon.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important for Small Businesses?

Importance of Digital Marketing

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