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Things You Do Not Know About Corporate Credit Cards

Everything You Need To Know About Corporate Credit Card

Corporate credit cards are issued by businesses to make authorized expenses on behalf of the company. A corporate credit card operates like a personal credit card. Corporate credit cards are a tool to make the business process effective and efficient. For example, an employee can make authorized payments with a corporate credit card like hotel bookings, airfare, etc.

But most notably, with the help of corporate cards, a company can streamline all its business expenses and have complete control over them. Having a corporate card is beneficial for both companies and employees.

Earlier, employees had to spend their own money for business expenses in case of emergency and wait for reimbursement, which took a while. The slow and extensive process of getting reimbursed puts a lot of pressure on the employees financially. A corporate credit card for employees takes the burden off the employees, as they can make any expense on behalf of the company as long as it is an authorized expense.

For companies, a corporate card acts as an essential financial tool as they can track all the expenses made from each card issued. Also, the company can set limits on the cards using the EnKash corporate credit card expense management tool to set an estimated budget for expenses every month. EnKash corporate credit card solution reduces the risk of employees’ accidental spending and saves the company a lot of time and resources.

Why is a corporate credit card important for SMEs and Startups?

Having a good credit score is essential in the long run for both Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Startups. If your record shows unauthorized expenses made that are deemed unnecessary on the accounting records, that might affect the credit score and ultimately impact your business.

If you have a business, whether a small or large corporation, you probably know keeping track of all the financial records without proper management tools is not humanly possible. And for SMEs and Startups, not having adequate control over expenses can affect the overall business growth if the company’s money is used for unofficial purposes.

Using EnKash corporate credit card management software you can get complete visibility and control over your company’s finances. For example, you can track the expenses and set limits on the cards to avoid overspending.

Below you will find some more benefits of having an EnKash corporate credit card for employees, so keep reading.

Benefits of EnKash corporate credit card for SMEs and Startups:

A corporate credit card is a great financial tool for cash flow management. All the spending made on behalf of the company gets recorded using the EnKash corporate credit card management software, enabling the business to avoid gaps in the accounting records.

As the business owner, you can set limits on the EnKash corporate card issued to the employees. Thus, EnKash corporate credit card management software reduces the risk of accidental overspending by employees.

Having a bad credit score can negatively impact the business in the long run. Therefore, for SMEs and startups having complete control over the company’s working capital is a priority to keep their business afloat.

Using an EnKash corporate credit card reduces the risk of fraud. The cards are encrypted with a single sign-on making it impossible for hackers because the system gets alerted as soon as multiple tries are made to hack into the system.

With EnKash corporate credit cards, you can streamline business expenses in one place with an interactive interface that shows all the business transactions made in real-time with additional analytics to boost your business.

EnKash corporate credit card also provides you with rewards and cashback to encourage authorized business expenses.

Things to Remember Using Corporate Credit Card
Benefits of corporate credit cards for Startup employees:

A corporate credit card comes in handy for employees while making customary B2B transactions.

In addition, unlike earlier, the financial burden where employees had to spend from their own pockets to incur business expenses and then get reimbursement from the company has been lifted. This makes the employees more productive while taking important business decisions about spending money.

Now the employees can make payments instantaneously from the corporate card issued to them, which is a more effective and speedy process.

A corporate credit card for employees can encourage employees to work more efficiently. They can avoid any delay in decision-making on whether or not to make the necessary expenses.

Importance of corporate credit card expense management

For businesses, issuing corporate cards to their employees has excellent benefits, but it can also create certain problems. Problems like unethical use of business money for personal use, accidental spending, or overspending on tools and resources that are not a priority.

Thus, having corporate credit card management software to monitor and control expenses is highly significant to the overall growth of the corporation. With an EnKash corporate card, you can track, record, and manage all your expenses effectively in one place. Also, implementing corporate credit card management software reduces the risk of fraud or unethical practices to a great extent.

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