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Types of corporate credit cards to manage expenses

9 types of corporate credit cards to manage expenses

Types of corporate credit cards to manage expenses

The corporate credit card has been around the business industry for a while now. While popular banks have been issuing many types of corporate credit cards for years, FinTech platforms are now offering more evolved payment solutions that can essentially manage all your business expenses from a single touch-point.

From a sophisticated spend-management system to a kit of robust Corporate cards that spans the entire range of corporate expense spectrum, a FinTech credit card like EnKash are redefining how business payments are done in the new-normal world.

EnKash has a vast variety of Corporate cards that can be employed in multiple areas of business intended transactions. The advantages of these corporate credit cards are exponential in comparison to using personal cards for business expenses to avail reimbursement.

For starters, these virtual credit cards in India are universally accepted and can be customized with a company logo and employee name to enhance personalization. There is no waitlist for issuing or usage of cards as they get activated the very same day.

You can create unlimited cards on the fly for your business, and they can be tracked in real-time from a unified platform knowingly expense approval system. EnKash comes in the list of top 10 credit cards in India that have predefined spend limits, authorized vendors, a segment of usage, and a much higher level of customization.

It's evident till now that instant virtual credit card India is a powerful tool for B2B expenses.

Let's understand in depth the types of digital lending platform and the best corporate credit card EnKash offers. So that you can make an informed decision as to which FinTech credit card best suits your business.

9 Different Types of Corporate Credit Cards

Purchase Cards (P-Cards)

Purchase cards along with EnKash expense management software are meant solely for B2B expenses. The virtual credit card India that is EnKash Purchase Card increases the cash-flow efficiency of your business by extending credit limits on DPOs.

The instant virtual credit card India also offers enticing cashback and rewards on your expenditure. P-cards have a revolving credit line that allows you to pay your dues within 30-45 days of the credit cycle.

You can also get a tailor-made billing cycle for your business so that your cash-flow is not impacted because of your payables.

The beauty of these FinTech credit cards is that you can track the payments in real-time and ensure that the card is not used where it is not supposed to be. The EnKash Purchase Card is used to pay for office supplies, rent and other office utilities, vendor and supplier payments, and any such business-related payments.

Travel & Entertainment (T&E) Cards

Travel and entertainment form a major chunk of any business expense. From meeting clients for dinners, entertaining clients for long meetings to travelling around the globe on business purposes, travel and entertainment expenses mount up substantially.

Using traditional reimbursement methods is a pain in this area because it requires large amounts of receipt management and storage on the employee's part and time-consuming cross verification and reconciliation on the finance team's part.

EnKash offers a powerful and the best travel credit card India that can resolve all these issues. This card can have limits set on expenditures like travel, lodging, meals, and local conveyance. So there's no scope of misuse. EnKash travel credit card India comes with a state-of-the-art expense approval system that provides complete control and visibility of all expenditures.

Are you still wondering how it will work? Let's have a look at India’s best Travel Card engineered by EnKash!

EMI Cards

EMI cards are one of the most useful cards in the different types of corporate credit cards. Break up your large payments like vendor payments, bills, and other purchases into small and easy EMIs. And that can be auto-deducted from the card on each payment cycle.

Businesses can also avail of pre-approved offers on EMIs and can get the FinTech credit card up and running with minimal documentation. The EnKash virtual credit card India for EMIs offers a flexible repayment period from 3 to as long as 36 months. So, there's no added burden on the cash flow of the company.

E-commerce Seller Cards

E-commerce seller cards are exclusively available at EnKash, which are not available even with the most popular personal credit card issuing platforms. The EnKash virtual credit card India for E-commerce sellers intends to enable e-commerce businesses to access the business management tools and dashboards.

Not just that, these e-commerce corporate credit cards also help you create customized spend reports, manage budgetary constraints, and pay taxes- all from a single card.

With great cash rebate schemes, the more you spend, the more you get back using EnKash, the best virtual credit card in India coupled with expense management software!

Meal Cards

The Meal card can be used to disburse tax-free meal amounts to employees to use on any kind of food items, meals, and beverages. An easy-to-use card with flexible denomination top-ups, it is valid at almost all merchant outlets, including restaurants, sweet shops, etc.

Fuel Cards

Fuel cards allow easy disbursal of fuel allowance to employees without the need to manage any third-party fuel vendors. From a single dashboard of the EnKash expense approval system, you can easily receive transaction data, define reimbursement policies and verify transactions for audit purposes.

Payroll Cards

Payroll cards are a savior for employees and act like the best digital lending platform. It is a reloadable debit card that can be used to pay salaries, bonuses, incentives, and any other compensations. These corporate credit cards give employees immediate access to their salaries even without a bank account and with no hassle of maintaining a minimum balance.

Gift Cards

Corporate gifting is vital to boost employee morale, and corporate gift cards do just that! EnKash virtual credit card India helps in gifting employees for birthdays, festivals, commissions, or rewards without going through the hassle of selecting, sourcing, and managing gifting options.

You can select exclusive merchants and categories across which the corporate cards can be used for a truly personalized gifting experience.

Multi-Currency Forex Card

It's possible with the Multi-currency Forex card. With such an instant virtual credit card India, you can pay only for the usage with no added costs. You can use the FinTech credit card or Forex card anywhere in the world with zero conversion fees!

The flexibility with corporate credit card

Apart from the above-mentioned features, EnKash also offers virtual credit cards in India, which are essentially digital cards that can be customized and disbursed through a digital platform.

Create as many cards as you need on the go with same-day go-live. These corporate credit cards are for a specific end-use and can be assigned to individuals, teams, departments, and locations. You can also create single-use virtual cards for online purchasing to reduce fraud risk. Thus, EnKash cards are the most flexible yet the most powerful tool for business expenditures.

The availability of different types of corporate credit cards in the market is vast, but EnKash offers a corporate credit card that is truly robust, secure, and can be completely tailor-made to suit your business the best.

Let EnKash show you the power of virtual credit card India that can fundamentally change the way you pay!

9 types of corporate credit cards to manage expenses

Types of corporate credit cards to manage expenses

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