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Enjoy upto 30% savings on 400+ top brands
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Rewards Program

Rewards Programs -The Way to Pay More, Earn More

Rewards Program

Corporate cards with attractive rewards programs are one of the most popular choices in the business world these days. Their ease of usage coupled with their immense flexibility makes them a prime choice for finance teams worldwide to include in their spend management portfolio.

Virtual Credit Cards in India/ Purchase Cards nowadays offer an abundance of rewards programs to businesses. From discounts on SaaS subscriptions to benefits on travel and lodging bookings, fuel cards are truly a boon to manage to spend and earn rewards. Basically, corporate cards pay you back rewards and benefits when you pay your vendors!

What Are The Best Fuel Credit Cards?

EnKash empowers a wide variety of corporate cards through banks that encompasses all your business needs. A few mentions of the best virtual credit cards in India are:

  • T&E cards
  • Purchase cards
  • Meal cards
  • Fuel cards
  • E-commerce Seller cards
  • EMI cards
  • Payroll cards
  • Gift cards
  • Multi-Currency Forex cards

EnKash also enables virtual cards- the best fuel credit cards that are created online for specific end-use with customizable spend limits. If you are still researching for “which credit card offers the following benefits” then virtual credit cards in India is the option. You can assign corporate cards to individuals, teams, branches, departments, and locations. These gift cards are loaded with rewards programs and benefits and are intended for online use or digital payments.

What's Your Authority With Virtual Credit Card India?

As a Purchase Card owner or a business administrator, you can:

  • limit the number of times the card can be used
  • the maximum amount that can be spent on the card
  • the vendors at which the card can be used.

The smartly engineered forex card prevents fraud at a cellular level and is useful in the real-time tracking of payments.

Rewards And Benefits Of Using Corporate Credit Cards In India

Corporate cards also have a huge network of merchants and vendors affiliated with them. When EnKash user swiped their corporate card, they can benefit from multiple rewards programs. Rewards are basically perks that you enjoy when you swipe your corporate card for any kind of business payment. These rewards can be redeemed at the mentioned merchant. The Purchase Card rewards and benefits are in the form of discounts and special offers that you enjoy just for being a cardholder. Video out YouTube videos to get a quick idea of how your Card can help you get huge rewards and other benefits.

Why should you care about the corporate card's rewards and benefits?

When it comes to the best rewards and benefits for your business, it is always wise to choose the ones which add value to your business rather than getting a luxury or lifestyle reward. If you are getting huge discounts on SaaS subscriptions or software crucial for your business's growth, it is a rewarding benefit for you. In essence, corporate cards are the best virtual credit card India and investment that keeps on giving.

15+ Benefits Of Adapting Purchase Card Program To Your Business

  • AWS activate- $6500 worth of Amazon web services cloud credits
  • HubSpot for Start-ups- up to 90% off HubSpot software and access to Education & Support
  • Leadsquared- Flat 30% off on subscription
  • Freshworks- $10,000 credits across Freshworks suite of products
  • Cleartax- Flat 15% off
  • Profitbooks- 25% off on Annual Subscription charges
  • Instamojo- Transactions up to Rs. 1 Lakh free + Access to mojoCommerce
  • Easyleadz- Get 15% Bonus Credits on Mr. E
  • Makemytrip- Flat 5% cashback on Flights and 25% off on hotels
  • Brandup- Flat 30% off on digital marketing services and flat 20% on all web & branding services
  • Vakilsearch- Discounts up to Rs. 14,000
  • LegalDocs- 50% off on GST and Trademark Application

These are just a few of the plethora of Gift Card rewards & benefits that are available for grabs on the EnKash platform. These enticing offers and rewards could be unlocked in a jiffy by getting on board the corporate card program and applying for business credit card. Do not hesitate to Call Us Today for a free demo!

Rewards Programs -The Way to Pay More, Earn More

Rewards Program

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