Virtual Accounts for Easier Collections and Reconciliation


Optimize Fund Management | Reduce Manual Efforts

easy billing
Match payment to customers
When you clearly have virtual accounts for customers, leveraging virtual banking, bank reconciliation is easier
easy onboarding
Make the payment process easier
Customers find it easier if they have a specific virtual bank account in which they need to make payments
virtual cards
Tag to customers or cost centers
Connect the payments received or made to specific customers or cost centers, using virtual accounting management
zero interest
Streamline your collection efforts
Your collection agents can focus on calling or following up with customers whose accounts are due
The invoicing and embedding of payment links become easier with virtual accounts
It makes recall easier for customers when they have multiple accounts with you to pay or collect
Managing different customers or cost centers becomes easier while finalizing accounts
Drastic reduction in collection costs and better all-round customer experience
Enabling Overall Efficient Financial Management
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