Make your Employees
feel Recognized with
New Age Gift Cards*


Don’t just Acknowledge; Appreciate your Employees. Do it Right. Do it with New Age Gift Cards*

easy billing
Make electronic payments on the go with our easily accessible and safe gift cards
easy onboarding
to choose
Employees can choose from a wide range of products across multiple categories with our gift cards
virtual cards
Guess what! These employee gift cards can be frozen in case of loss or theft with a self-PIN generation feature
zero interest
These corporate gift cards are available in multiple denominations of up to Rs.10,000; one can choose the card value as per their requirement

How to buy these Gift Cards?

Click on the Sign-Up button and share the contact details as required
Our team will reach out to you with the necessary information
Get a corporate gift card program in no time
Appreciate your employees with these gift cards
Your employees are your best resource; keep them going!
Customize your corporate gifting for each and every milestone of your employees right from their onboarding.
Got Questions?

Don't worry! Our FAQs* Section will help you learn about Employee Gift Cards in detail.

Q. What are employee gift cards?

Q. What types of Gift cards are available with EnKash?

Q. How easy are these gift cards to use?

Q. What is the purpose of employee corporate gift cards?

Q. How are gift cards distributed among the employees?

Q. Why should a startup consider offering gift cards to employees?

Q. Can a company place bulk orders for gift cards?

Q. How do you pick the right gift cards for employees?

Q. Why should one choose EnKash Gift Card over physical gifts for employees?

Q. Do corporate gift cards have any tax implications associated with them?

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