Keep Usage, Budgets and Spending in Your Hand


Streamline Spends | Optimize Budgets

easy billing
Spend dashboard
It becomes possible to control spends with a simple & comprehensive dashboard to track expenses and control spends
virtual cards
Decentralize spends
Enable departments, locations, cost centers to spend and report in real time with set limits and purpose defined spends
easy onboarding
Centralized control
Setting up of parent-child hierarchy for spending with checks and controls ensures centralized control and easy compliance
zero interest
Increase savings
Enabling optimum spends will ensure that savings are also realized without too many changes in operations
Keep tabs of spend in real-time to ensure that timely payments and also ensure better cash flow management
Empower your teams to be able to decide on essential spends and take the next steps with simple steps for request and approval
Make your accounts closing and audits easier with the right checks, approvals, and payment proofs in real-time
Save more with ease by getting a complete overview of your organization’s spends and reviewing it regularly
Manage Finances with Spend Control and the Right Tech Solution