EnKash is a financial technology company that builds systems for businesses of every size to smoothen financial supply chain. Businesses use our software and platform to send and accept online payments, initiate financial discounts, bring cost efficiencies and better relationships with their partners. Read More

EnKash is the leader in enterprise payments due to it's with finest technology, feature rich products, super flexible solutions, and fast and secure systems. It is refining the way businesses pay each other and is automating the entire process of B2B payments.

We believe that businesses need a fast, automated, simple and secure interface to process payments and manage cash flows better. Whether it’s buyer initiated payments or supplier initiated payments, we have products suiting to the need of businesses.

Our solutions help businesses manage their purchase orders and invoices and enable & track payments to suppliers or from buyers. We want to help buyers & suppliers improve their cash flow management by getting advance payments or quick financing options on their invoices when they offer terms to their customers.

Our team believes in meeting and working closely with enterprises of all sizes to facilitate evolving needs. This process, along with the expertise of the team from decades of combined experience in financial technology and payments, makes us the most reliable partner in the business.

Our Management Team

Yadvendra Singh Tyagi


Hemant Vishnoi


Naveen Bindal


EnKash partners with businesses in their financial supply chain and committed to automate & digitize the entire Procure-to-Pay process

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