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EnKash Payroll Cards

Enkash Payroll Credit Card for Employees

Caring for employees makes a business seem thoughtful and reliable. Employee satisfaction is a two-way street- you get what you give. The easiest way to make employees happy is to pay them on time. If they get the regular payment on time, they will kick off the financial stress. Moreover, if they get a salary in no time, it will be added advantage for you, and this is possible through Payroll Card.

Some of the companies in the present day are releasing the salaries in the form of cheques, direct transfers into their bank accounts, or in some rare cases, in cash. While these are the prevalent modes of salary deposits, payroll cards are quickly turning heads in being the easiest and fastest way to credit employee salaries.

Payroll Card- At A Glance

A payroll card is a debit card issued by the employer to each employee. Salaries are directly added to their payroll cards, thus giving them instant access to their pay. There are numerous advantages of using payroll cards to credit employee salaries. Both the employer and the employees can benefit immensely from adopting payroll cards in their portfolios.

Benefits Of Payroll Credit Card For Employees

Instant Access to Salary

When salaries are credited using traditional modes of payments like cheques, it takes days for the money to reflect in the employee bank account. All this time, funds are blocked, and the needy one cannot use them. While the bank transfer is fast and convenient, it carries with it a certain amount of risk. Payroll cards are the fastest way to gain access to pay.

No Bank Account

The beauty of payroll cards is that you do not need a bank account for them! India has around 190 million adults who still don't have bank accounts. And even if you have one, there is always the hassle of maintaining a minimum balance, paying annual maintenance fees, and transaction charges on basic services. A payroll credit card omits all these issues.

Ease of Use

Your employees can use the payroll card as a simple debit card. It can be used to withdraw money at an ATM, pay for shopping at any merchant's outlets, and even for online shopping. With this card, they can avoid carrying a huge wad of cash and just pay with your payroll debit card.


Payroll cards, especially the ones issued by EnKash, offer huge rewards on every transaction. So, by using an Enkash payroll card to pay, you are also earning back perks at the same time.

Benefits Of Payroll Credit Card For Employers

Increased Reliability

Paper cheques are the least reliable way to credit employee salaries. They can be lost, torn, or damaged. They can also bounce if the employee’s name or any other information mentioned on it does not match the bank records. These hassles are eliminated by a payroll credit card or debit card. You can be sure that your employee receives their salary instantly.

Time and Cost-Efficient

Paying salaries traditionally requires a lot of time and focus. One misspelling, and you gotta start all over again. Not to mention the numerous approvals to be taken and cheques to be signed. Payroll credit cards or debit cards save a lot of time and effort. Simply transfer salaries at a touch of a button to a specific payroll card, and voila!


Going green is the next agenda of all sustainable businesses. A payroll card helps you build your sustainability quotient by eliminating most of the paperwork. No need for cheques, manual data entries, envelopes, etc.

EnKash is your financial boss! Don’t believe me? See the glimpse of how it manages everything!

Wrapping Up

Payroll cards are going to change the face of the payroll industry. With their ease of usage, increased employee wellness, and paperless approach, they are a beacon of hope for a switch in the traditional methods of payroll.

EnKash also offers a powerful spend management platform that can also allow employers to keep a track of all payroll cards from a single dashboard. You can monitor which payroll cards are loaded with salaries, that are not in use anymore, are nearing expiry and need to be re-issued, or need to be discontinued. Make your employees happy by enrolling for EnKash Payroll cards now!

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