Eight Step Magic Of Integrated Accounting
Virtual Transactions
Virtual bank accounts
configured across locations
for micro-macro view
Customized workflow platform
Inbuilt customized approval
matrices across workflows
on the platform
Transaction Insights
Real-time access to
accurate and consolidated
payout status
easy mapping
Single dashboard to
manage payouts via branch
& cost center mapping
auto updates
Auto emailers sent from the
platform to suppliers
confirming payment status
Online documenting
API based auto KYC
verification and supplier
validation on the platform
Data integrity
Direct sync with the
accounting software to
ensure data integrity
Periodic monitoring
All data consolidated on the
platform for real time and
periodic access
Process Efficiency up by 50% Cost Avoidance up by 10%
Process Efficiency up by 50%
Cost Avoidance up by 10%
Do It In EnKash Way
EnKash Lookbook
Frequently Asked Questions
With integrated information about supplier, buyers at one place, eliminate redundant process through 2-way-data sync and strengthen inter-departmental collaboration
Easy billing and bookkeeping tasks, smart automation, scalable execution, plug-and-play mechanism, real-time updates, easy e-KYC verification are some of the benefits
With EnKash platform, you get access to inbuilt customized approval matrices across workflows, for easy and smoother digital accounting processes
EnKash promises and delivers seamless, easy and quick integration with multiple ERP and accounting systems and 2 way data sync for accuracy and control

Your data security is our priority