Convenient and Easy Bulk Business Payments Like Never Before


Complete Visibility | Multiple Payment Modes

easy billing
Pay all bill types
Addition of vendors, billers, different locations, cost centers, etc. is possible for making bulk payments and instant payouts
easy onboarding
Streamline processes
Repetitive payments become easier with the use of specific cards and setting of processes and using facilities like payouts API
virtual cards
Enable bulk payments
Bulk payments to stakeholders like vendors, rents for various premises can be done in a few clicks saving time and effort
zero interest
Improve transparency
The setting up of processes to make bulk payouts can ensure that there is proper and complete overview
Improve the productivity of your finance team with bulk approval and payment processes in place
Benefit from better and efficient cash flow management at every level and reduce financing costs
Streamline payment processes to ensure paper trails and approval tracks to improve budgeting
Sync in real-time with your accounting system to ensure that all stakeholders have real-time data
Use the Bulk Payout Option to Pay Dues on Time and Claim Numerous Rewards
Got Questions?

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