Ensure On-Time Bill Payments Automatically, Every Time!


Auto Reminder Notifications | Auto Fetch Bills

easy billing
Add the biller
Retrieve all utility bills automatically, using the billing software to make the bill payment process easier
easy onboarding
Check the details
Verify if the details on the bill invoice match in terms of the account number, units, etc
virtual cards
Approval process
Once checked, the bills payable move to the approver for approval to make payment
zero interest
Payment entries
Once the utility bill payment and other payments are complete, ensure proper entries are made for audit purposes
Eliminate the need for paperwork and creating paper records
Establish a spending process for all bills that are incurred
Ensure that there is accountability for the spend as per the process
Entries to the relevant records will occur for future reference
Improve the Quality of Spends and Plan Your Cash Flow
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