Simplify Bulk Collections with a Few Simple Steps


Reduce DSO | Collect Faster

easy billing
Improved experience
With bulk collect and the use of e-collect account, the focus of the finance team can be on improving the customer experience
easy onboarding
Simplified communication
The flow of data and information becomes faster and simpler between all the stakeholders involved
virtual cards
Automated processes
The use of bulk reading of accounts, amounts due, and other details automates the process from end-to-end
zero interest
Insights and analytics
Planning for cash flow ups and downs become proactive with the use of insights drawn from analytics
Concentrate on making the payment collection process customer-focused and improve the experience while ensuring better DSO
Ensure positive interactions with customers to ensure improved and faster collection collect with accuracy and timeliness of invoicing
Ease the pressure on your invoicing and collections team with automation and improved bulk invoicing with complete and updated details
Plan ahead for any shortfalls in your funds with analysis of historical data and identifying patterns in slower collections
Fasttrack Your Collections with Future-Ready Technology
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