EnKash’s sophisticated API & micro services based platform manages seamless onboarding, integrations, processing, settlement & reconciliation processes. EnKash’s products increases efficiencies, reduces cost and simplifies the entire process.

EnKash is proud that it's used by most renowned industry players


Smart Invoicing

  • Manages payments by consolidating invoices into a single electronic file
  • Syncs with any accounting system
  • Standardises and centralises buyers or suppliers on one platform
  • Brings complete visibility and control over your payments
  • Brings flexibility in choosing invoices for payments

Simplify Payments

  • Helps to choose payment method of choice
  • Reduces cost & improves rebates by moving spend onto credit cards
  • Improves working capital management
  • Publishes remittance details against each invoice
  • Brings more control over your payments

Payable-Receivable Automation


  • Works with any type of ERP/ billing systems
  • Non-intrusive and seamless integrations
  • Multi-layered security over data
  • Imports and exports data over APIs or adapters


  • Captures your invoices painlessly
  • Eliminates manual entry hassles
  • Structures your invoices at one place
  • Brings your buyers/suppliers data at one place


Varied options

  • API based solution to process payments to sellers/suppliers/vendors
  • Extended APIs to collect payments from buyers/partners
  • Push-Pay processes single debit to payment instruments of choice and credits to multiple beneficiaries
  • Push-Pay enables split settlements to your partners and easily integrates with marketplaces
  • Pull-Pay processes multiple credits to single account of choice by collecting payments from multiple partners
  • Multiple payment options- NEFT/ RTGS/ IMPS/ Credit Cards/ Debit Cards/ Net Banking

Efficient & Secure

  • In-built APIs to validate beneficiaries in payment flow
  • Brings efficiencies in payment processing and greatly reduce man-hours
  • Reduces payment bounces and incorrect credits through in-built validations
  • API based system to push or pull data for reconciliation
  • Download options also available with customized filters
  • Complete successful and exception data reporting
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